Newbie Help, Survivors Explained

Hi, I've been playing a week or two, up to Council 8 and finding the game pretty easy and intuitive so haven't needed much help until now.
I'm trying to work out which of my survivors to dismiss but finding it hard to find any information that'll help me work out which ones are keepers and which ones are trash.

For example what do the colours relate to? I'm guessing rare legendary etc but there's no key to the colours
What is the difference between rare legendary etc? Is it the number of stars? Or is there something else?
What are good traits for each class?

Once I've worked that lot out, I should be in a good place to work out who to keep.
If there's a guide out there that explains all of this, I'd appreciate the link



  • carlos1981carlos1981 Member Posts: 346

    Has more details of the answers.. Also goes into details on Traits, so i'll leave that for the link..

    Green = Rare = Comes with 3 Traits
    Blue = Epic = Comes with 4 Traits
    Gold = Legendary = Comes with 5 traits (Max)

    Those above are only really worth keeping long term. I'd not invest tokens into a rare, unless i had an exceptional long run not getting better survivors.
  • himjihimji Member Posts: 3
    Thanks, some good stuff on that post.

    So when it comes to choosing which survivors to work on, does it mean you have no idea what trait they'll have until you add a star? Is it quite random like? How do people pick their survivors? Do you just get rid of 1-3 stars and only keep ones that are already 4-5 star?
  • carlos1981carlos1981 Member Posts: 346
    Yes. You'll not know until you unlock the next trait. Even then it's random. In general, I'd only unlock the 5th Trait if the other 4 are good. Evne then, it's random, and your very luck if you get 5 ideal traits. I've upgraded 5 to 5 stars, and i've got 1 perfect Bruiser, and the rest got poor traits.

    You'd pick the survivors based on the traits thay have - For example, a Scout\Bruiser\Warrior with Retaliate, Dodge, Luck, you'd be good to keep.. Ranged with Marksman, Sureshot etc...

    As for Keeping 1-3 stars. Depends on how many you have. Most reccomend 3 survivors, not including Hero's for each class. If you have 3 4-5 star ones with good traits, then you don't need to keep a 1-3 star as well.

    Decisions on keeping survivors in general would be assessing the traits. The links in the article above explain them much better than i can here. I keep hold of survivors, until i get a better one.

    Although i now have 3 of each in most classess, so i'm in no rush. Saying that, I'd replace 3 out of my 4 hunters, and at least 2 of my Shooters, all 4 stars But for now they do the job they can, as i have no better options. They will be replaced when i get better survivors with better traits, i don't put any tokens into them - I save them for when i get a decent one that will improve on what i have.
  • himjihimji Member Posts: 3
    Thanks. Pretty much confirms my thoughts on what I read. Ok, I guess I won;t get too caught up on having the "best" :)
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