Weapon Question

Can I find weapons from my current level, in a higher level?
Ex.) I want a Legendary Police Baton, but I'm worried that if I level up too much, I won't ever get it


  • iozzegiozzeg Member Posts: 158
    @mellow_93 no, you can't, weapons are level based and as soon as you level up enough there is no way of obtaining some of them. That actually sucks, because I really miss some skins of the start to mid game weapons
  • OneLessTitanOneLessTitan Member Posts: 1,273
    @mellow_93 -- I only found the Police Baton at Base Levels 9-12...but it could extend a little below or above that range
  • SmittySpivey3SmittySpivey3 Member Posts: 324
    NO!! I would like the 45 breach in Level 20-23 range but no can do. The Giant wrench was cool too.
  • WahooDawgWahooDawg Member Posts: 471
    I want another meat cleaver!
  • MonsutaMonsuta Member Posts: 1,168
    The current weapon max base level is level 20, if you're lower than that for example level 19 then it's possible to find level 20 weapon.
  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    This is one of my peeves in the game. Love the overall variety of weapons, but hate that it seems like at any given level, you only see 3-4 types. I think my pistols now are either Sheriffs or Commanders, and I don't consider the old dented versions to be different enough.

    I never got to use a sickle, iron pipe, that breach gun, a few others probably

    I have noticed the lobotomizer has reappeared at level 20 though, so I'm hopeful for more
  • mellow_93mellow_93 Member Posts: 109
    So then it seems that the only way to get old weapons are by challenge missions, ok thanks guys
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