Switching Classes

mellow_93mellow_93 Member Posts: 109
edited January 2017 in Suggestions & Ideas
Farfetched idea, how about being able change character Class type.
I know it won't work with our regular survivors, cause of their tokens. Since the Heros have their our Tokens, maybe they can be the only ones to change Classes. Each Heros can change from their original class to another that fits that Hero best.

Daryl: Hunter and Assault
Carol: Scout and Shooter
Abraham: Assault and Hunter or Shooter
Rick: Shooter and Assault or Scout
Glenn: Scout and Bruiser or Shooter
Maggie: Hunter and Warrior
Michonne: Warrior and Scout
Rosita: Assault and Shooter
Morgan: Bruiser and Warrior
Tara: Shooter and Scout
Rufus: Assault and Bruiser
Jesus: Warrior and Bruiser
Negan: Bruiser and Assault or Shooter
Carl: Shooter and Scout
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