New weekly event to alternate with the current challenge

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@Teeceezy, @Shteevie

I believe part of the issue with the weekly challenge is that it just never ends. Week after week its the same over and over again. Obviously the challenge rework will change that slightly, but part of the issue is that its the same all the time.

Rather than putting too much more effort into the Challenge, more time should be spent on a second event to break up the monotony.

There is a great opportunity for a guild vs guild event. There could be several different ways of running this, but 1 example could be

- Sessions start every hour, and you have the option of joining the current session or not (this allows guilds to coordinate on the best times.
- --- You could enter 24 a day if you really wanted
- When you join a session, you are matched with another guild of equal standing on the table.
- *(Here is where there are a lot of different game play options)*
- --- It could be a real time (turn based) player vs player. They both enter a map and have to kill each other.
- --- It could be an attack on a player but just using the outpost map (with out the TG).
- etc
- Both of these would score points for killing other survivors and losing points for having your survivors die
- They could both have the death/injury of players not count as hospital time. Its just attack as much as you can. Or if a survivor gets injured, then can be used again, but with a reduction of stats for the remainder of the session. This would mean having a larger team of survivors works best. Or gold (or a new item) could be used to heal them right back for the next battle in the session.
- You could still use gas for each attack, so again it means the guild can coordinate.
- Rewards could be given based on finishing ranks. Top 10 could

I think you would find that guilds will love something where they compete against each other, and that will be where the real competition is.



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    Like your idea @blynknz
    But to make guild war it isn't a simple as it looks. Need established hardware and sofware, not to mention need their own dev's division team to maintain.

    I thought if NG could make similiar like guild war but not the same such as:

    - Expedition (New and Bigger map than already exist): player have to play co-op with other player (both must online), to search for specific items to finish. If the mission too hard, each player could summon other online player to complete the job. Of course the reward divided for each player but for weapon/gear based on each player levels.

    Cheers :)
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    I never said it would be easy. But that's not to say there shouldn't be something different
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    It would be really freaking cool to have guild v guild stuff in the game. This would be something we would build when we have a long period for development without events like the TV show or major holidays in the way that usually demand special attention.

    I plan to push for new game modes over time. Obviously, the team is working on Challenges now, and assuming that we get it where we want it, and make some small necessary improvements to other game modes, adding a new gameplay type could be in the works after that.

    Super happy to monitor this thread between now and then, in the hopes that someone has something really inspiring to say.
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    I don't like the sound of 'small necessary improvements to other game modes'

    But love the idea of guild wars
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    Sounds like a coordination nightmare
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    Zardox said:

    Sounds like a coordination nightmare

    That all comes down to you guild members, I have played multiple other games that have a similar team vs team concept where ideally you would coordinate your team for the best chances.

    All of these games needed to use external chat to be able to do it.
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