Scout not attacking on Overwatch



  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    If you have a scout that does 1000 damage (and no overwatch/critical damage boosts) and you are attacking a walker (doesn't matter what type of walker, then you are limited to 6 values.

    Critical Attack = 1500
    Normal attack = 1000
    Critical on Overwatch = 750
    Bodyshot = 500
    Normal on Overwatch = 500
    Bodyshot on Overwatch = 250

    You can't have a different value (there are small variances so its not always the same, but this is only +/- a few points.

    So the liklihood is that you hit with a bodyshot on overwatch so it did the smallest amount of damage possible.
  • Xcal1burXcal1bur Member Posts: 54
    The explanation from Shteevie was very complete. Although I'm left with the doubt of the damage to the walker effectively happening. As stated by the OP, this situation happened with walkers with barely 5% or so health left and no more than 2 lvls above my survivor lvl.

    Even if the OW attack turns into a bodyshot it would have been more than enough to finish the walker. I'll keep an eye on numeric values of walkers before and after when a situation like this would seem likely to happen and see if I can report results.
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    A couple questions if anyone knows. I thought I remember someone from ng saying melee shouldn't body shot. Is my memory right? Do all the melee classes have same chances at body shots? Like do scouts body shot same as warriors? Is there a set percentage? Like 5% chance at body shot? Is it completely random?
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    @Survivor420 melee can definitely body shot when the walkers are 3+ levels higher than your survivors. They won't body shot any walkers that are up to 2 levels higher than your survivor.

    Not sure about the percentages, but I would guess that it's probably the same across different classes.
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