Show available tokens under survivors in list

GebobsGebobs Member Posts: 428
It would be nice to be able to see how many tokens are available for each survivor to use under their icon in the list. As it is now, one has to open up each survivor to see this.

Also, when one does a radio call and needs to know what to choose from the available options, we are given the Manage button which opens up the list of survivors. Again, there's no knowing how many tokens each survivor has available. And to make matters worse, even if one clicks on a survivor here, the available tokens are not shown.


  • MovadoMovado Member Posts: 863
    edited January 2017
    If click the 'manage' button it does show how many tokens each class has (on the left side of screen) upon sorting by class. But I think it would be good for NG to update the interface to show our total class tokens directly from radio screen without that extra step, similar to how we already have it for Heroes, showing: (current total)/(upgrade req'd)
  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    Yeah @Gebobs to reiterate what Movado said, in the survivor selection screen, if you sort by class, then it shows the total tokens for that class on the left side, without having to open each individual survivor. I agree, they could have it below each one though.

    Also, after you've made a call and want to look closely at your roster before choosing, you can actually leave the radio screen completely without losing the call choices. Once you're ready to go back to choose, just open the radio screen again from camp (either way - from call button or tower) and your last call out will be there waiting for you.
    If you're leery of this, try it with the free one first. Again, not a solution for the lack of info
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