Which one shall I upgrade ?

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I can upgrade either Hospital or Walker Pit (both from Level 6 to Level 7)

or shall I collect more foods to upgrade Radio Tent from level 6 to 7 ? (I have to upgrade food storage first as well .. ugh)


  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,431
    I'd wait on upgrading the Radio Tower. It is not really that useful. You only get the benefit of having higher level survivors when you do call. It has no impact on the rarity. I would go Hospital first for sure because you can get back to missions more quickly. Given the way Outposts work, I'm not sure I'd want to upgrade my Walker Pit. There's no good return other than increasing your player level. Farms and Supplies Storage are more valuable upgrades with the current economy.
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    Same. Right now if i could go back before maxing tanks, armored, walk pit and outpost i will never upgrade them. To clean the walkers is a joke and you give the chance to the attacker to knock your door with assaults, warriors, shooters and bruiser "charged"...
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    i concur dont bother the walker pit ever...dont give raiders a chance to charge up.. radio tent doesnt serve any real purpose but helps you to level up so you will eventually need to upgrade it.. xp tents dont bother either until last.so your food and ur hospital is the better ones of your options...
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