Getting RSL-5 weapons on Hard Missions

Since upgrading my survivors to level 20, the RSL on hard scavenging missions has increased to 23.

Prior to leaving for office, I played a couple of hard equipment scavenging missions for a chance of getting some gold crates. However, was unlucky and got only silver crates. One of the silver crates yielded a level 18 rare weapon.

Since there are no level 21 survivors or initial level 21 and above equipment in the game, so RSL +/- 2 would be calculated on the basis of Level 20 survivors. So there are chances that you may get level 18 equipment.

NG, @Teeceezy @Shteevie please do take care of this issue in the next update

I am the one and only Zee Black, climbed all the way to Level 75, part of SG Woot, the 3 million star guild



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