Gas Refills

I don't mean to sound unappreciated, but whenever we get unlimited gas for 24 hours, gas isn't given in a crate reward. Imo I think that should be included on minute gas refill days because it's almost like having unlimited gas and whenever I open a crate with a gas reward I'm a bit disappointed.
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  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    I'm not in a guild on my second account so I don't bother doing challenges, mostly raiding and some scavenging. The 1 minute gas refil is basically the same as unlimited gas if you're only raiding. But if you're running 6 gas scavenge missions, you still get to zero pretty quick. Even the 3 & 4 gas early challenges, you still run out. Finding gas in a crate should help you play longer, as always.

    The only way I can imagine that being an annoyance is if you have a limited amount of time you can play and you hate stopping with gas left in the tank. Sorry, not really disagreeing, just not understanding.
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