Which survivors to keep/upgrade?

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I need the community's opinions on my assault and my hunters. I really like all of my non-hero snipers, but which would be the best to invest my tokens in? I have enough to upgrade one of the epics into a legendary. As with my assaults, I just got Freddy yesterday, so I'm wondering if his traits are good enough that I can discard one or both of the rare survivors. I see some promise in William more than Luis, but what do you think? I feel like I have an overload of these two classes in particular (I only have 2 shooters (Tara + epic), 3 bruisers (Negan + legendary w/o retaliate and a rare w/ retaliate), 3 warriors, and 3 scouts.


  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
    @Ken4343 Have to agree with @szgerg77 about your hunters. Try to promote Jimmy and Roy, others will not turn in perfect hunters cause they are 2 traits away. For assaults...keep your tokens, upgrade lvl of Freddy and get rid of those rares.
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    off topic .. Luis looks much alike Keanu Reeves ! :o

  • Ken4343Ken4343 Member Posts: 21
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    Thanks for your opinions, everyone! I might just keep Luis for now after @fire_water's comments haha, but should I scrap Freddy if I'm not going to train him?

    On a separate note, I have a rare bruiser with both dodges + retaliate that I use on outpost defense, and also have a legendary bruiser w/ both dodges, iron skin, luck, and strong. I'm debating whether I should upgrade my rare bruiser into an epic (I upgraded her since I rescued her from an episode 14 mission, and I'm getting good traits), and should I keep my legendary bruiser as well?
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