Make Hero Tokens and respective regular survivor class tokens exchangeable (Ratio 1:5 ?)

A lot of people are struggling to unlock heroes such as Michonne or Abraham or have difficulties to promoting heroes to a rarerity level worth using them. On the other hand, quite a few players do not like specific heroes at all and would rather not have them appear in their survivor overview.
So, why don't you implement a feature that allows for exchanging hero tokens with the respective regular survivor class tokens and vice versa? For example, if I had 500 regular assault tokens left, I could get 100 Abraham or Rosita tokens because they are assaults as well. And if I had 100 Abraham tokens (and don't want to unlock/promote him for what reason soever) I could at least get 20 assault tokens. The same would be applicable to other classes as well, of course.

Imho this would be a "win-win situation". Players could get their desired tokens much faster and the level of frustation would decrease, "binding" them players longer to the game.
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