Exchanging Equipment & Upgrade Tagging

I'd love to see both of these ideas implemented in the game.

First, changing gear between characters could be easier to do. Currently, say I have 2 scouts, Pam and Bill. Pam has my best scout weapon and my best scout armor, Bill has my second best of each. I want to put the best equipment on Bill. First, I would have to check the equipment screen to see verify my best equipment because it won't even display on Bill's character screen. Now I would need to equip Pam with junk gear, which I have to hold on to in order to switch equipment at all (tedious). Then I can put Pam's old stuff on Bill. Then I can put Bill's old stuff on Pam. If I scrapped my junk gear and I don't have anything to equip on Pam, correct me if I'm wrong here, but I'm SOL - those items are staying equipped where they are until I gather a replacement or release the character.

Wouldn't it be nice if, when we're on the character screen, we could see all of our equipment - even those items currently equipped on another survivor? If I want to use Pam's gear on Bill, I could just do it without having to remove her equipment first. Pam could either just become unequipped, or if she meets the requirements for Bill's gear they would just automatically exchange.

Second, and I think this has been brought up in a few other threads, it would be wonderful to be able to tag or "favorite" gear for upgrades. Rather than having to sift through 6 screens of who knows how many pieces of equipment to figure out which one I want to upgrade next, I could tag/flag those few items that I plan on upgrading. The armory would have an additional tab that displays only the gear that I tagged. The tag could also prevent the item from being accidentally scrapped.

Thanks for your consideration!


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    Bump for equipment exchange consideration...
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  • splaggsplagg Member Posts: 93
    Just called in a brand new legendary hunter with prime traits, yay!
    Spent 3 days leveling him up to my current max.
    Went to equip him with my not-so-prime-trait-having hunter's gear buuuut I've been playing challenges that yield rewards which are primarily 2-4 levels higher than my currently equippable equipment.
    So I can't.

    Now I have a great hunter sitting on the bench waiting for me to find some lower level crap armor so that I can go through this tedious and now MUCH more annoying process to get him equipped.
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    Seems like my last post might should be in the "Game Issues" subforum...
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