Combat mechanics, a couple of questions...

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Hi all!
1. How does the body shot work???
Is this a separate roll like dodge? If i make a critical hit does it negate the possibility of body shot?
I know that when in combat, the defender rolls a dice wich gives him the possibility of dodge. the same is true for the possibility of the attacker to score a critical hit. If dodge is activated and i score a critical hit, they both negate and normal damage occurs. But I havent seen an explanation with body shot.
2. It is known that the possibility of body dodge is going up if the defender is higer level/s from the attacker. The same is true with armor that has bulletproof. Is it necessary to have a piercing weapon if we want to negate this ability? or the accurate abilty helps too?
3. can a body shot hit from a charged ability of an assault be a stun? or the first negates the latter?
4. carol's leader trait ability affects both ranged and melee?

I know that all these sound like noob questions, looking forward for your answers!


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    5. scenario: bruise trying to stun, critcal hit and dodge occur, they negate each other, normal damaege applied. no stun resistance. does this normal hit is a stun too?
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    1. From my understanding (which has been "semi-solidly" confirmed by NG), the first calculation is Body Shot %. Based on the level difference between your Survivor and the enemy (and the Prestige of your Survivor: LEG/6 stars/7 stars/etc), that % eventually becomes 100%. Accurate, Lucky, Sure Shot, etc can not change that %. The only trait that can reduce that % is Piercing, which is why it is such a great trait for Ranged Survivors.
    2. I'm not sure, maybe the answer is in #1?
    3. I'm pretty sure the assault Charge ability results in 100% non-body shots; or at the least it stuns 100% of the enemies it hits.
    4. I'm pretty sure Carol's leader traits helps both ranged and melee.
    5. I have no idea.
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    thanks @OneLessTitan, you are very helpfull!!
    ps. your blog is great, i ve visited it several times!
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    1. Nothing to add here
    2. Accurate won't negate bulletproof, only piercing.
    3. It stuns 100% of the enemies it hits.
    4. Carol's leader traits helps both ranged and melee.
    5. Yes, a normal bruiser hit stuns. So in your scenario, the target will get stunned.

    I've added some information to @OneLessTitan points.
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    really appreciated!!

    please, let me continue
    6. a body shot hit by a bruiser is an automatic stun?
    7. heroes are considered +1 lvl from the survivors in case of body dodge?
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    6 Body-shots negate stun, if that is your question. So no, a bruiser will only stun when the hit is not a body-shot.

    7 interesting question, first of all. I've never heard about different body-shot stats on heroes.
    However, heroes do have different specs. They got a little bit more health and damage. So I'd say: probably not, but it could be somewhat different to regular survivors.
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    great answers everyone

    considering 7th question I THINK that once I ve made it to interrupt a lvl 24 walker with my carol.
    but maybe I got lucky and I just made it to through the % of bodyshot.

    ps. I routinely earn 405-410stars but some things were unclear to me, thanks again!!
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    I believe it is possible to get through that % of bodyshot with regular survivors too.
    But again, it might be a little easier with heroes.
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    ok ok, a tough one. assault with interrupt trait in his weapon stp=ops everyone in his arc or just the first aimed?
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,004

    Yup, it's the one at a time thing.

    Interrupt only interrupts the moving.
    Only one moves at a time.
    End of story.
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    9. No, but body-shots negate stun.
    10. Indirectly by body-shots.
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    May I continue?
    11. Does the Stun resistance armor is negated when a critical occurs?
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    11. No, only members of the "dodge" family can get negated by criticals.
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,004
    12. Why does a higher level walker have a bigger critical chance?
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    12. I suppose that comes from their base % chance.
    When we calculate our base chance for critical the formula must be something like that:
    % base chance of attacker (survivor/walker)+level of attacker (survivor/walker)-level of defender (walker/survivor).
    that gives higher base chance if the attacker is higher level from the defender.
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