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    Clarification point: @stuffnthangs in your screenshot, Kafir raided you but only grabbed TG's, thereby not triggering your shield. You can therefore be found again even in short periods. He/she has to be a real player since they did the raiding with you on the defense side.

    @SCBMA you raided the bot "Jason3" (who is actually the bot version of the player named "Scott." You're right that you can continuously get stuck in a loop against same bot-versions of another player, especially as go up in influence with more limited search results in general.

    So it's a slightly different scenario the 2 of you are encountering.

    NG had created bot-versions of each our Outposts with a fixed name that mirrors our setups (it's fun to figure out both your own bot name as well as others, since once name assigned, it never changes, and we each all have one. Mine is apparently called "Mon1ca." No idea how NG decided on our bot names). Presumably this extra version helps prevent the no-search-results, expanding available raid pool. If you change maps or defenders, your NG bot-version will match that, but there's a slight lag in the change, whereas the real players setup is instantaneous on layout change ups.
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