Negan probably needs to suffer

He probably absolutely has to suffer at the hands of Rick. The thing is, how far can Rick and the show go with Rick killing Negan? I'm not talking about the amount of blood or gore is involved, I'm talking about from a moral and human perspective. Would it be okay for Rick to turn into an absolute monster while killing him? Can Rick come back from that? How far over the line can you turn into animal in that world and still be a respected leader?


  • I don't think he'll ever kill Negan
  • I think he could "come back" if he tortured Negan. Everyone saw what he did to Glenn and Abraham. No one would blame him for making Negan suffer. A lot. Remember when he tore the guy's throat out with his teeth?
  • The hate for Negan is the show. Without Negan what would our heroes do? We need the bad to put things into perspective. Long live Negan!!
  • Negan brought our "heros" back to earth after the way they were through season 6. I'm hoping Negan will continue to be a threat for times to come
  • T_12T_12 Member
    Without Negan, they'd have lived lives happily ever after! Probably after kicking the scavengers asses too and then all drama would be over and even the walker problem pretty much sorted out!
    But don't forget, after Negan.....
    The Whisperers are going to give a grand entry into the show
  • In the comics...

    Rick doesn't kill Negan. Instead, he imprisons him in Alexandria for years (presumably this is what's going to happen with the cell Morgan built on the show). At first, when I read the comics, I was angry that Rick didn't kill him, but now I see what a good move that was on the part of Robert Kirkman, particularly since Negan has become involved in the Whisperer War.

    I think Negan will be around on the show for a while.
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