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  • christpuncherchristpuncher Member Posts: 13
    This is exactly how I beat this mission all 5 times but with a lvl 20 assault . I don't think I took a crazy amount of damage...

    This may sound obvious but it's worth mentioning that the higher the levels your survivors get, the more important your weapons and armor's traits are. Start being attentive to your teams special traits and equip accordingly so they are most effective against tough enemies. Good luck @stoneheart !

    Hope this helps

  • Jester_CGFJester_CGF Member Posts: 84
    I used a Warrior w/ Retaliate (crap gear). The key is to stay on top of the spawns from the get-go. Accept that yer gunna get hit a few times. The hardest part is Turns 3-6 becuz multiple spawns from different sides come at ya. But with the Bonus Attack and Retaliate, you should be able to ride it out. I pretty much stayed in the middle and would move top to bottom wherever the spawns came from and was just as aggressive as I could be trying to clear them out.

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  • SeismicMushroomSeismicMushroom Member Posts: 6
    @Walkerballz very helpful video, thanks
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