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    @Mabiki -- I'm right around the 5000 tier, so probably the same one. Sorry I didn't see your post; I've been on hiatus...

    @Conan1976 -- I'm using Glenn as a leader to get some more food for her! But it takes some time! Besides, she's kept her weight in all the right places...
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    Dang it I can't get it to embed so attach it is but another Stu sighting and I think it's the same Stu onelesstitan found
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    That's a serious tan on your abraham he may need to go to the hospital, or he is doing black face
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    If anyone does get a stu to join this thread I can positively identify him. All I need is to ask him a few specific questions. Also stu was a great guy, very energetic and positive. I hope he comes back to leathernecks one day.
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    Finally mystery has been solved!!
    Let's back to 1993... AMIGA and Cannon Fodder - voila! Stoo spotted. Of course it's STU undercover.

    <img src=""alt="" />
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    Stu, is it you or maybe an unknown alter ego account? ;)
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    I think this has been around longer than Brads wife. I actually think one day we may find STU. Lmao
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    Maybe Stu ran off with Brad's wife. :wink:
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    I literally read the brads wife thing this morning yay I get the reference.
    Elder of dragons weyr a top USA guild
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    I'm pretty sure Brad's wife was mentioned previously in this thread. I'm also pretty sure Stu's story is older than Brad's wife's story, but even if it's not, it's more entertaining!

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    > @Governator said:
    > Stu stopped by my Outpost...I guess he's not a grab and go type of guy.
    > After getting booted, Stu has decided to go Pure Evil.
    > @z3r0d4z3 If you get Stu back, don't promote him to Elder. That would not be advised. :o

    Gold leafing Stu when he comes back! Our guild is a group of Marines, we love rage!
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    Uncle Sam's misguided children
    you know who you are.
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    Stu is a trade goods I killed him. RIP Stu.
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