Why I might stop playing

There is much angst over the ban today. I was banned. I took advantage of an exploit and NG decided to draw a line. Oh well. Think it is a bit silly about the leaderboard. Given I started playing in April, I won't ever be on it.

So why might I stop playing? I'm getting bored with the grind. 2.4 seems like it might never get here. And who knows if it will make much difference. Maybe for a few weeks.

You can ask my guild-after grinding to be in the top 5 week after week, I haven't been playing much the past few weeks. But this past week I had a blast with the exploit. Played tons like I use to. Got a lot of trade goods with all the outpost raids I made (btw, I am on iOS, so I can't take advantage of the double trade good exploit-which per @sheetvie post today should be a banned action). Picked up a whole 5 extra radios for my guild. Most fun I have had in weeks.

So when my ban ends next week, I will go back to my light play and likely will just end up stopping someday. Sad that NG seems more interested in pleasing a few people who are on a meaningless leaderboard than finding a way to get high level players back interested in the game. Guess our money isn't enough for them.


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    So are u banned forever or are u back next week?
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    Next week-but as I say above, I'm pretty bored right now, so unless this next update is da bomb, I will likely quit playing. The only thing keeping me here right now are the friends I have made. Not the game
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    @jester kinda missing the point of my post.
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    Still missing the point. I'm not making excuses for what you label cheating. I'm saying I haven't been playing a lot lately, but had fun this past weekend. My message is to NG that if they don't find a way to make the game interesting again, I will quit playing.
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    Your focused on the cheating. I'm focused on the boredom
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    Oh I joined the forum to see something that I couldn't see without joining. And still missing my point. Whether I should have done the exploit or not is the point. Again my message is to NG that the game is just a grind right now. I hope they hear that the only thing that has gotten my attention in awhile is an exploit. They need to find something to get high level players back into the game. Yeah, maybe 50% of high level players like the grind, but I don't think I am way off that probably 50% don't like it. I would hope any game developer's goal is to not lose players to boredom. If this next update doesn't effectively do something about it, there will be a lot of high level players who move on. Glad you still enjoy it. Have fun!
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    You can keep saying I'm missing your point to please your inner conscience, but you brushed right over my initial question to you.

    And you're really not bringing anything new to the table. The grind has been discussed with them for many, many months. On this forum.
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    I guess all you can do is wait and see. Speculation and anticipation are part of it bud..
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    My conscience is clear. I used an exploit and got banned for a week. Oh well. It's a game. Adding my 2 cents about the grind. That's okay as well.
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    Oh, also likely commenting on the forum right now cause I can't play the game. Haven't found another in the App Store yet that has caught my eye. Got bored with spades real quickly
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    The TellTale games are good
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    So you're saying that game became boring and using an exploit (cheating) brought the fun part for you so they should allow exploiting (cheating) for everybody to use? I'm sorry but I can't take you seriusly prior to seeing what I saw.

    I'm not sure if you realize but by using an exploit (cheating) you are getting extra goods that by normal fair play you wouldn't get and would have to buy.

    I don't have to tell you whats the term for someone taking something without paying, right?
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    It's really simple: She only liked the game when she was able to cheat. Normal gameplay bored her.
    So the problem is not the game at all, it is the adrenaline rush of cheating, combined with the guilt feeling, and knowing that she will not be able to repeat it.
    As a friendly advice: try naked base jumping, and quit forum lamenting.
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    A member of our Guild told the whole Guild about the exploit. I am very proud to say we are all playing this week, it wasn't discussed, it wasn't voted on, we sniggered and forgot it as we like to play fair. I honestly think if someone had used the exploit we would have doubled whatever punishment NG would have dissed out.

    I said before the ban was in place that I'd ban everyone for a week and a second instance remove their accounts altogether and I thoroughly agree every cheat got what they deserved, in the right measure too.

    You didn't mind the grind when you were restarting your game. Finger of shame for you. For shame! Suck it TF up buttercup and be better in future.
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    Sad that NG seems more interested in pleasing a few people who are on a meaningless leaderboard than finding a way to get high level players back interested in the game. Guess our money isn't enough for them.

    In fairness the Leaderboard has been absolutely bollocksed for weeks. NG Can't even make a functional Leaderboard.

    Sounds like sour grapes to me. This is one of the best games I've ever played, I am infuriated by the nonsense about Extra chance of Epic and Legendary event as they said there are better events (there aren't) but I let it ride because overall it's just bloody brilliant and escapism at its very very best.
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