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Is there even a way for a new player (say, a RL buddy of mine) to find a specific guild (unless that guild has some crazy obscure name)? My friend started playing and wanted to join up with the guild I'm in, called Vikings, however his search result shows very many different guilds by the same name with no way to decipher which is which.


  • RemnantsRemnants Member Posts: 137
    edited February 2017
    Many guilds have taken to incorporating a specific "slogan", or phrase, into their guild description. The player making the search can then search for this specific phrase, rather than the guild name. For example, my guild's phrase is:

    "We are the remnants of humanity, the last hope of a dying world."

    Searching for a phrase is far more likely to return that singular result the searcher is looking for. If you don't want to use up all that space for a phrase or slogan, consider adding a small "code", in your description, that folks can search for (such as " 725fw#", or anything you like). While not absolutely certain, using one of these methods is almost guaranteed to come back with the result you are looking for. Hope it helps!
  • splaggsplagg Member Posts: 93
    Excellent suggestion and something I was completely unaware of; thanks @Remnants
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