Update Notes 2.4

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Update Notes 2.4!

Season 7 Missions Continue!
  • Returning with the second half of the Walking Dead Season 7, players will find a new mission available each week after the premiere of the TV episode.
  • Tokens, Phones, and other new surprises await you each week.
  • Trial difficulty missions have returned, offering valuable rewards if you can survive all 5 trials!

Challenges 2.0
The long-awaited Challenge Rework is here!
  • Earn one or more stars in each mission in the set of six to earn Trade Goods & bonus stars, and unlock the next round of missions.
  • Missions can be replayed immediately so players can attempt to earn stars that were missed in previous plays.
  • Start at a higher difficulty and reach challenging missions faster than before.
  • New rewards categories such as the Deluxe Challenge Crate and Token Crate are awarded to players upon reaching high star values.
  • Guild rewards are improved; full guilds will be able to work together for even more Trade Goods and Radio Phones.
  • Incremental difficulty increases the challenge in later rounds to really test your skills.
  • Gas costs have been optimized.
  • Quest stars have been replaced with round completion stars. You can still receive gold from completing quests, however.

Google Play / Game Center Connectivity
  • New menu options and revamped functionality for this feature will help ensure that fewer players lose their accounts.

Maximum-level Player Rewards
Players at the maximum Camp Level [currently level 58] will see the following changes to their rewards and UI:

Supplies will no longer be given as an award for the following events or reward types:
  • Killing Walkers on the Camp wall
  • Mission crates after missions of difficulty 20 or greater
  • Silver or Gold Trade crates purchased with Trade Goods
  • Guild Gifts
  • Cinema video ad rewards
The Camp UI for players who have built all possible building upgrades will change as follows:
  • The 'Upgrade your Supplies Storage" message will no longer appear.
  • The orange "Full Farm" icons will no longer appear.
  • The Supplies storage bar will not give its warning animations.

Weapons and Armor Rewards
  • The minimum level of equipment found in mission crates is now one less than the recommended survivor level for the mission, up to level 20.
  • The minimum level of items found in Reward or Challenge crates is one less than the expected highest level of the player's survivors.
  • Rare, Epic, and Legendary Gear Crate item levels are unchanged.

Guild Challenge Leaderboards
  • Guild Leaderboards in Challenges will now show the most up-to-date score for the Guild.
  • If a Challenge is currently underway, this will be the Guild's score for this Challenge.
  • If a Challenge is not currently underway, this will be the final score for the Guild in the previous Challenge.

Story Chapter 14, Mission 2:
  • One Freeman enemy has been removed from this mission.

Bug Fixes
  • Special Defending walkers should no longer spawn in illegal places
  • Some outpost maps were adjusted and should no longer allow the attacker to attack the defending survivors before the gate is opened.
  • An exploit which allowed players to collect Challenge stars from Outpost missions has been removed.
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