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    @jimmorrison369 thanks not sure why but I kept thinking @zeeblack received level 16 gear not level 18.

    I kept thinking there's no way to receive level 16 gear for player level 54.

    That's what I get for not double checking the gear level.
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    Damn these fine prints. Thanks @zbot for the prompt help and @jimmorrison369 for the table. @Shteevie and @Teeceezy a bit clarity from NG on the expected survivor level

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    I really like the new challenge system but feel the rewards need a little work. I have all level 19 survivors and a player level of 57; earning supplies for last building upgrade now. I am playing RSL 22 first round missions and the mission reward crates are pathetic. Gear is all level appropriate, 19 and 20, but only common or uncommon at best, not even rare much less epic or legendary. At earlier RSL had a good mix of rare, epic and the occasional legendary, but nothing decent sincethe RSL 20 missions.

    In addition for the RSL 19 and 20 missions it took 40 additional stars to get the next reward crate, but at RSL 21 3rd round and RSL 22 it takes an additional 60 stars! This is ridiculous since stars at this level are harder to come by and I can only get at most 40 per round for a perfect round. This means I need to complete at least two full rounds to get next crate, 18 for completing round plus 22 for moving to next round plus 18 for next round and then a few more to get to 60. What is my incentive to do this when I am struggling just to get 2 stars with each mission. It seems to me there should be less stars needed between crates at higher levels than more.
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    Fair point. I don't usually push that high, but I get what you're saying. Maybe we need an "empathize" button on the forum!
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    > @WeekOne said:

    > 5) The game is no longer boring to me

    That is great for you. The question is, how long it lasts ...
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    @Big_B A very long time ;)
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    I wrote much more, but as I send the message, everything was away. And my english is to bad and it takes me to much time to write everything again.
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    I do believe the game changes will have people play less due to the healing time factor. It's now a high level grind at a high level cost to use gold. Level 25 is the stoping grounds if it can be reached with out any gas boosters. Highly doubt it. All the rounds per level are the same as before. Nothing new changed. Only level 26+ changes with adding Walker spawns to include tanks and armors. This sucks because it's an instant struggle no matter what. This forces the use of the wrestler traits that many complained about it being useful. It makes you struggle one star per level to get the bonus stars for completing the six missions. Not the greatest change when I can do it as before but not have to deal with added tanks and armors. Can't really get out of the mission without hospital time. It is forcing you to tap out in the early levels.
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    I get lvl 20, but if a LEG or Epic shows up its 19, and gold crate give me nostly 20 rares
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    zeeblack said:

    Damn these fine prints. Thanks @zbot for the prompt help and @jimmorrison369 for the table. @Shteevie and @Teeceezy a bit clarity from NG on the expected survivor level

    There shouldn't be fine print. I had to read back over the update notes, and even then it was hard to find this "less than the expected highest level" and what that actually meant.

    It should be based on the Training Grounds.
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    Agree to many on the good things changed, especially the rewards are way better.
    Also I like the incremental difficult increase .1,.2,.3.

    It's still a grind as before.
    I made around 1000 stars. I did it now one time just to see how it is. I'm sure I will not do this again.
    It is now much more (gold/booster) expensive, like in good old times when there where more repeatables.

    I don't want to replay each map 25 or more times. Let me start at level 20 or higher.
    I had no "free time" left either to do scavenge or outpost play.
    I also don't want to retry every map "wrestling" my way through the maps.
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    860 stars with no pink stars on my side. I have to say I really enjoyed this reworked challenge. Not expected that it will be so time demanding, but that was just my decisioin to participate and to bring as much as possible to my guild. Reward system seems to me ok, but some tweaks can be done. Token crates should scale with higher rewards and deluxe crates should have epic/leg item guarantee. I recieved way too many XP from challenge/deluxe crates(yet I know some were more "lucky" with finding XP there). And dunno if this was just my pure "luck", but out of many gold after mission chests I recieved rare stuff. Im happy about increased number of gold chests, but their content was very disappointing for me.
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    I've asked during beta testing about stars amount per round on summary screen or like you said confirmation pop up. Shteevie said that it's planned for future update. I've lost 1 star because I clicked too quick.
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    After playing 1,5 years starting from the first release and kept my 2nd position in top player list in Finland and after the first Challenge 2.0 I decided to keep my time and money from the game and going to occasional casual player without paying :)

    I understand players who find improvements from Challenge 2.0. But for me it is even more time-consuming and dull grinding than previous 1.0. 1-hour cool down does not help at all. Now to me it is impossible to find anymore enough time slots IRL - or reasons to pay for time game.

    There are several modern techniques to generate missions by algorithm (like in Boom Beach), use decent player-build PvP (like in Compass Point West of NG) and so on.

    NG does not want change the only point in the game: grinding and paying of it. So I have to change something and stop active playing like too many players have done before me for same reason.

    Have a happy grinding :wink:

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    More rewards but not better. I'm just like week one. Every gold crate random lvl 19-20 green gear ALWAYS.
    This is leading more to my suspicion that the player base is divided to mine data.
    For me and my Guild, if you only got XP from deluxe crates, and all Green gear for Gold chest, it was throughout the whole challenge. Those that got Gear in their deluxe (epic/leg), also seemed to get Legendary Gear in post mission crates. Also noticing the posts, those that got legendarily, got multiple. Those with junk rewards consistently got junk rewards.
    This is consistent in my Guild. How is it RNG if the same people are always lucky, and the same people always have bad luck...Comeon.

    I might be wearing a tin hat with conspiracy theories But if it were my company I would do this.
    Let's add conditions to groups of players. Probably 3 groups. Group A more influence to something, Group B less influence to something, and Group C the Control. The influence to something could be greater/less/equal % of "X" drops, amount of body shots. whatever, whatever can be tweaked to find a result with varied conditions. All designed to keep people playing, and increasing revenue

    Using this they could tweak and manipulate all sorts of things. "If people are more prone to get X resource are they more, less, or equally likely to make a purchase?" I know I'm reaching Oliver Stone, fake moon landing levels. It's just a theory.
    Big Data is huge, and if your not using it to your advantage then its just dumb

    Plus I'm pissed and a bit jealous people get stuff and I don't get stuff, I want stuff too. I'm happy for you, sad for me.

    I know all of that above was a tangent, sorry.
    If they are still tweaking the rewards I would say make it tiered.
    For me to reach 980 stars, using a booster, spending gold to heal, my reward should be greater than the reward for the very first deluxe crate. Each were 44K XP.

    Not pushing again.
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    I didn't play very much on the day after this challenge ended. Only did 3 of the new season 7 trials. No usual XP scavenging or raids. I was (am) burnt out from the new challenge. At first, I thought it was because I didn't like this set of maps, being so large and taking more time to complete compared to many other maps. But I think I'm exhausted for a different reason, because overall, the number of missions is down a bit from before. The difference is the number of missions played at a higher intensity level.

    For example, let's say I can finish RSL 23 and breeze through RSL 18 very quickly, playing at speed because I'm not concerned with strategies or avoiding injury. At RSL 19-23 I slow things down to concentrate and focus, which intensifies at each increase in level.

    In the old system, to complete levels up to and including 18, I'd have played 102 low intensity missions. This would then be followed by 30 higher intensity missions to complete level 23.

    Now, it's the opposite. It's 30 low intensity missions, followed by 90 high intensity missions. Not only do those 90 missions take longer to play than the 102 easy missions from before, but focusing intently for the much lengthier time period was a bit too much for me I think. I got 2 stars on a single RSL 24 mission, but then gave up. I had neither the energy nor the desire to keep going. Not that I would have gotten much further anyway, but my point is, I was (am) exhausted. Don't recall being so after previous challenges.

    Generally speaking, I like this system and don't want to return to the old one. But like others have said, I think I'll have to ease off on the gas pedal a bit to avoid further burnout.

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    Game moving in right direction I reckon, just avoid pushing too hard for cash
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    Interesting. For me it was the other way around. I pushed the challenge as far as I could and after that enjoyed doing hard tomato scavenging missions, farmed the S7 mission and started raiding again. I log in more often than before and am looking forward to the new challenge even though I don't really like the upcoming set of maps very much.
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    @DoTak I don't disagree with you, I liked having a bunch of easy "training" Challenges that I could do mindlessly do down my gas level, which also helped me figure out strategies for higher RSLs. While I was a bit irked at first at having less "easy" missions, I realized they ARE called Challenges and there should be more hard missions than easy.
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    I think it hasn't been mentioned before. I found another advantage of the new challenge system without waiting 30 min per mission.
    Pre 2.0 the timer per mission started when finishing the mission. That always prevented me from xp farming in challenge missions.
    Post 2.0 that doesn't matter anymore. So I do more farmings than before.
    I like that! B)
    WeekOne[Deleted User]
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    Can we have a block out or pop up reminder for missions that we have already gotten 3 stars? Hasty fingers caused me to waste gases by repeating 3 starred missions :#
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    @Steeboon When you are presented with the end of round dialog hit the replay missions button then you can see on the map which have 3 stars and which don't. If they all have 3 stars click on the chest in the upper right corner and this will re-display the dialog to end the round.
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