Regarding Guild Scores and Challenge Stars

With the release of 2.4, many guilds made their usual preparations for the upcoming challenge week, which will be the first with the new Challenges 2.0 system. Some guilds reported that removing members from their guilds caused the guild score to decrease. Many players also reported that while their guild members could see an accurate score on the Guild Member leaderboard, they saw their own score incorrectly reported as 0.

We have done extensive further testing of these issues, and we believe that both of them were caused as part of the move from the old system to the new one. We do not expect that these issues will persist once the new Challenge starts, or will reoccur between the end of this Challenge and the start of the next one.

We do want to stress that there is one continuing issue: when players leave guilds during a challenge, their stars are not retained by the guild as they should be. Additionally, guilds that remove and then re-add members, or add members that have previously earned stars in that challenge, may see that the guild progress bar on the challenge screen shows confusing data. For example, it may show that a previously-earned Guild Challenge reward has become the next goal due to the guild star total decrease.

We made an additional review to test whether a Guild will receive stars that were earned from outside their Guild. We have also tested the possibility that Guilds could collect a certain Guild reward multiple times. At this time, we believe that neither of these potential issues causes an invalid state, meaning that we do not feel that they are exploitable. However, it is important that Guilds do their best to ensure that their membership does not change while the Challenge is ongoing, or the aforementioned issues may result in a Guild’s score being displayed at a lower value than it should be.

We sincerely apologize for the confusion that the update caused, and we know that the guild leaderboards are an important motivation and source of fun for our players. We hope that everything goes smoothly and that you all enjoy the new Challenge system.
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