Sure Shot or Defensive Stance for outpost defense

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Wanted some opinions on the two, particularly on outpost defense with ranged defenders, if anyone has tested them extensively. First, can I confirm that if a survivor with one of these traits is set in 'Stationary,' the trait will always be factored into a roll?

If that answer is yes, which trait is more effective in outpost defense? A much higher critical chance stacked with Accurate and Luck or guaranteed damage reduction stacked with Iron Skin?


  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,007
    Yes, stationary will automaticaly put your defenders on overwatch when activated by seeing a enemy.
    Unless they get the chance to shoot in their own turn.

    For the first, vigilance and defensive stance can help out.
    Indeed this has synergy with iron skin.

    For the second one, sure-shot is very powerfull.
    1- it negates dodge, so if you can get close to 100% critical, those traits (dodge/bullet dodge) will be useless for the opponent.
    2- in combination with extra critical damage this can become a one-shot healthbar killer.

    In the end both are valuable imo, personally I think.
    1 If your defender one-shots a healthbar, that's pretty scary for the attacker.
    2 If the attacker can't kill your survivor fast enough, that's pretty scary too.

    Making sure they attack the second, and get hit by the first.
    Golden imo.
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