Ending mission while standing on exit bar

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@Teeceezy @Shteevie
In Double Trouble I have seen the weirdest mission endings this week when standing in the exit with all three survivors.
- mission finishes immediatly when second fatty is dead (even though my guys are standing, not moved onto exit)
- Mission doesnt finish, walkers attack me, hurt my guys. After their attack mission finishes immediately
- -> this gets even weirder as some hits result in star deductions and hospital time and other times they are completely ignored, all fine, unharmed, three starz
- Mission doesnt finish, walkers attack and only in my NEXT round can i move off and back onto the exit bar to finish

I just finished a mission on 25.3 where i killed the second fatty while all my guys were standing in the exit. Before mission ends, one of my guys gets into wrestling, another is actually killed by a walker. Result: two starz.

Mind you, i am not complaining about the two extra (?) starz here, but the inconsistency of the results.
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    Thanks for the messages; this is a Challenge set we haven't used in a while, so many of these maps haven't been given the scrutiny of the masses in that time. The mission designers will see your notes and we'll make adjustments where necessary.
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    There is also a common scavenge mission map that does the same. You can have all 3 players on the exit, open the last supply, it goes green and then the walkers move/attack then after the AI's turn you exit.
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    I've seen this too.
    It only happens when all 3 of your survivors are already on the green before you open the last crate.
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,065
    If 1 off them still has a full move left, you can move him out of the green and back in.
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    Isn't this the same issue that would happen with Last Man Standing the first go around? Warrior or assualt or whomever standing in the exit as it goes green and doesn't auto end to victory and ppl (including me) was the getting into struggles bc new walkers spawned after the fact?
    Sounds similar. Maybe a similar fix.
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