Update for Walker Pit and Outpost

Can we get an update for our Walker Pit and Outpost. Right now we can have 2 Tanks and 3 Armored walkers, we should keep it like that, but we should be able to capture different walkers too.
First lets add Fire Walkers, how do you capture Fire Walkers? The same way we got the others, its a game, but let's put a pin on that for now. The Grenadiers are around during challenges and it would be neat to have at least one. We've seen the new TWD mid-season trailer and that Metal Spiked Walker would be an exceptional addition to the Pit, to the game in general, two will do.
The Outpost can hold 6 Walkers, again keep it like that, the addition Walkers can take the last spot or we can mix it up.
Outposts could have Traps, like the Piled up Walkers. We can have regular Walkers or the Fire Walkers, if capturing Fire Walkers is a no go, but with a limit of Walkers that come out. Another Trap is the Buried Walker Traps, whatever type of Walker that comes out is up to us. Traps for the Outposts take up 2 Walker spots.

Quick recap

- Fire Walkers (or the option to set them on fire)
- Season 7 Spiked Walkers (2)
- Grenade Walker (1)
- Piled up Walkers (limit of 6)
- Piled up Fire Walkers (6)
- Booby-Trap Walkers
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