Gas Booster Pet Peeve...

I love to use the gas boost from time to time. It's good to use with a weekend event such as the one we just had. However, one pet peeve I have is how, even though you have a perpetually full tank of gas, every mission that you run costs 0 gas. That's like going to a supermarket with a million dollars only to have all of your groceries given to you for free.

Just a little thing that irks me about it. It would even be more satisfying for me if they even bumped up the price of gas for missions when you have the gas booster. It'd be like "Oh, no! This mission costs 50 gas! But wait! Good thing I have a perpetually full tank of gas!" Otherwise, I do love the feature and will find myself using it from time to time!


  • srmcn1031srmcn1031 Member Posts: 565
    Sorry I think this is pointless. But everyone has their own pet peevs.
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