UI displays wrong range of 1AP for scouts.

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This has been discussed earlier, but here are 2 screenshots showing 2 cases.

First case
This picture shows the UI telling me that the move will cost 2 AP.
However, it doesn't. When I make this move, it costs only 1 AP, I can make a second move.

Second case
The worst one IMO, it fools me into thinking a move costs 1 AP.
Then when I make the move, game says:hahaha, turn is over for you.

@Teeceezy @Shteevie , Are you aware if this bug?


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    Great specific "situational" question and screenshots to go along.

    The display has always been bugged when it comes to moving around teammates but these are great examples and hopefully something for the devs to use.
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    Yes, thanks for the screenshots and the details.

    I think part of the problem is the large number of turns and changes in direction in those moves. We'll be able to use these screenshots to investigate the issue and make the appropriate changes as we have the opportunity.

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    You do know I've already posted that link?
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    HA! I totally missed that that first sentence was a link lol
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