Upgrading Walker Pit...

What is the purpose of upgrading the Walker Pit. It is currently at level 8.

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  • bucko69bucko69 Member Posts: 44
    Just ran in 2 this myself was at level 56 thought i had camp maxed but was wrong! Had never played outpost before so never upgraded walker pit so to get 2 level 58 u have to upgrade ur pit so since im upgradin that figured i should try playin outpost & quite enjoy it !!
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,073
    Upgrading walkers is like charity.
    It costs you, and benefits others.
  • CantripCantrip Member Posts: 36
    edited February 2017
    Yeah, this aspect of outpost play really needs to be rethought. Currently everyone who invested into their outpost walkers has basically been made a fool of by the game, while those who didn't buy a single extra walker are rewarded.
  • fire_waterfire_water Member Posts: 257
    i wish i could downgrade my walker pit !!!!!

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