Training Heroes with normal tokens

With a lot of heroes running around or will run around in the near future. It will be difficult to Train them all to Legendary.

Therefor I thought that once you unlock your hero with hero tokens, you can also use Class tokens.

But some rules do apply:

You will spend a minimum of hero tokens: 25 to 50% of the hero tokens needed

The class tokens work to 3:1 ratio so if you need 60 tokens to upgrade the next skill and you need have 20 hero tokens you need 120 (40*3) normal tokens.

You spend first your hero tokens and then your class tokens


  • WhyDoYouDieWhyDoYouDie Member Posts: 160
    i like the idea but i think this might be a little overkill since NG does hero sales so people spend more radios and buy radios i think this is one of their main profit besides selling bundles.
  • Nightwolf1986Nightwolf1986 Member Posts: 46
    Unlocking the hero's need 100% hero tokens, and you still need them in the future, thou a lesser amount than before.
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