Rufus for new players

AmduciasAmducias Member Posts: 5
Hi! I was wondering when/how new players get Rufus. Is he not free anymore? DO I have to unlock him by tokens now?


  • WhyDoYouDieWhyDoYouDie Member Posts: 160
    i'm not sure if you can get him for free, you can get tokens for him from radio calls ( like evry hero) and unlock him with the tokens.
  • RuhRuh Member Posts: 20
    My gf just got 250 Rufus tokens when logging in!? How!!!??? I want it too
  • AmduciasAmducias Member Posts: 5
    @Ruh Look into the Gold Shop. There should be a FREE offer with 250 Rufus tokens (if you dont have him unlocked yet)
  • timmyaaeh1timmyaaeh1 Member Posts: 51
    Have looked in the shop. No free offer for 250 Rufus tokens. I don't have him unlocked yet.
  • DimebagDarrellDimebagDarrell Member Posts: 1
    My friend and I both downloaded the game at the same time. He got Rufus I didn't. Help please!!
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