Quest bonus stars question

Since the new version of the 2.4 Challenges started I notice that i no longer recieve a bonus star when successfully completing a challenge and a quest at the same time ( ie: use all scout team etc.)
Are the missing challenge stars a bug or are they being tallied somewhere else?They are definitely not being added to my challenge star total anymore.
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  • PowerUKPowerUK Member Posts: 85
    They were removed with the update bud. Bonus stars from completing all 6 missions in a round now. Pretty sure it's in the update notes in the announcement section.

  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068
    That has been replaced by the round completion bonus stars. So quests only give you gold, even those that used to give you stars before.
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  • rustynailrustynail Member Posts: 154
    Okay, thanks for the answers!
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  • gespuergespuer Member Posts: 1,565
    Before challenge 2.0 I was always looking for decent quests to gather bonus stars in challenge missions. Very often I received quests like "avoid strungle" or "kill no walker" which were benefited with 30 Gold. Those valued quests were thrown away frequently for quests with bonus stars.
    The update totally changed my handling with the quests. Now I always reject the former beloved quests like "use all hunter" which only offer 10 Gold for the other quests.
    Belive it or not before the update I often get the 30 gold quests and after the update the 10 gold quests are the majority. I guess it's only very bad rng, isn't it???? >:)B)
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