digrpidigrpi Member Posts: 1
Hi I left the game for a bit but have come back now. When I loaded my saved game, which is at the spot where the walkers attack your camp for the first time they don't show I can't access anything and keep getting Darryl saying take them out. I've tried reinstalling the game and several trips trying to delete the saved game on the Google play servers but to no avail. I'm playing on a Lenovo tablet and it is completely compatible as I'm still getting updates please help


  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator Posts: 6,454
    @digrpi , can you access the settings, help, contact us? If not try pressing 3 fingers on the screen when the game is loading for 10 seconds to access the settings screen, click help, then contact us, send a message to support. After that please post or PM your player name, player level, and guild (if any) after you submit a support request.

    Just curious when did you leave? I haven't seen this error in a while.
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