NG, pls remove the 'low-lvl survivor' loophole



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    @KaLi all of my favourite traits were modified and that is sad. I believe maybe these were done because they were trying to fix the LLS 'strategy'? It almost feels like I am being punished because of this 'strategy'.

    Why should I invest in building up my survivor to feel like a badass when a lvl 1-9 survivor doesn't get obliterated by a lvl 30 walker? It should be instant death and why it's not, I don't understand. I don't have 20+ years experience in gaming industry and I am able to see that that is wrong.

    The wrestler trait "was" one of my favourite traits before NG decided to modify it. I didn't know if I was going to make it out of that struggle. Now, I just need to put my survivor in front of the fatty (strategically) and I know for sure it will die. That's not a challenge, that's easy and I have to pay gold to heal.

    Imagine if it's a lvl 5 survivor, it's FREE. No wonder it's fun... People can play without consequences.

    Anyhow, it is a very sensitive subject to talk about and I believe that if this strategy continues, it will be detrimental to the spirit of the game.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Wrestler trait is fine in my book, its WAI its the LLS that is against the spirt of the game and against how the games intended to be played.

    Ultimately its the fault of NG, its a design flaw in their code one of many poorly designed features in this game but thats a discussion of its own.

    Personal view is they will do nothing about it and I'm basing this on their unwillingness or inability to reset the leaderbaords after two previous incidents which make the score boards joke.
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    @Verbaub I think you nailed it. Termi and I had level appropriate survivors and weapons when we were playing with our 100% interrupt for 20 mins to kill one fatty.

    NG found out about the LLS Strategy and tried to fix it.

    I believe mistakes were made and the wrong people got punished for it by nerfing 100% interrupt, etc.

    We have had to adjust to the nerfs but I cannot accept that nothing will be done to this LLS 'strategy' to avoid healing costs to gain stars on the leaderboards.

    All of that is wrong and is detrimental to the spirit of this game.
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    Ok threads been cleaned, keep on topic, no personal attacks, and keep things civil.

    Dont make me come back here again.

    Thanks for the comments.
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    Since 2.4 update, LLS strategy doesn't really give that much benefit. It might help you get 1-star on selected missions, but ultimately, you still need to get 1-star on all missions before you get the bonus.

    You don't use this techniques until your HLS fail, so getting 2 or 3 extra stars in a total of 1000+ is not really a game changer. Unlike the 50% hunter event ! How awesome was that ! :D

    And everyone can use the LLS technique .... well, everyone except veteran players that upgraded their radio towers beyond lvl 7 and didn't keep any low level survivors:) lol

    From a 'pure game' point of view, sure, I agree, a lvl 5 survivor shouldn't be able to do the same as a lvl 20. But NG have repeatedly said 'this is the way it is' (more or less). So ok, use if you can and looking forward to see some fixes of the other issues raised (like the growing gap between F2P and P2P ?!)

    Just my opinion .. not worth anyone getting upset/crazy about ;)
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    @wazzujoel Obviously, you don't know me so for you to state that it was more of an advantage to me is laughable.

    Other players are smart too and we recognized a flaw to a game and brought it to NG's attention.

    You can try to blame me for all the changes being made or you can look at the "real picture" and see that the changes that are being made are not my fault but the fault of the ones abusing this fundamental flaw to the game.

    For the love of gawd, stop trying to blame me!
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    Well.... you are wrong. Sorry!
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    @jaden makes some great points here about having to finish all 6 rounds to advance in the new challenge system. LLS can help you pull through maybe 1-2 maps (1 star) but what about the others??

    If this was pre 2.4 then I can understand how LLS can be a larger problem.

    However like @jaden said I think NG already compromise and did so much to close this gap by making us complete all 6 rounds before advancing.
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    @wazzujoel why are we talking about my position on the leaderboards? Please stay on topic and stop with the personal attacks. If I cared about my position, I would have gotten way more stars. Anyone who knows me knows that I can go harder if I want to.

    EDIT: Also my opinions on this thread are on topic which is LLS loophole, not about the new challenge rework. I support @Putchuco 's plea to NG!
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    @Marcus6253 I believe that was suggested during the challenge rework and supported by many. Thanks for bringing that up again!
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    @WeekOne - you are arguing for NG to nerf LLS such that it could make the game "fair". LLS do not make the game unfair nor give anyone an advantage; I know because I have one scout each with levels 8/9/10. If you think LLS would give your game an advantage (it won't) then by all means spend big bucks to buy radios and get your own. Even with a max radio tower you can get level 9s which is almost free heal times.

    If your true interest was making the game "fair" to all then you would realize that LLS isn't the biggest cause of an uneven playing field, but the biggest cause of an uneven playing field is 2.4 update which was a update that is "whoever spends more, scores more". I'll say it again... it's not a lack of LLS that is affecting your score but you need to spend more money in a post 2.4 update world.
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    @wazzujoel I see you are a member of DTP and clearly you will defend the LLS 'strategy' and that is OK. I will say it again: I am not responsible for all of the nerfs. I believe the LLS 'strategy' to be an exploit to a fundamental flaw to the game that is currently being abused and I will say it on a public forum.

    This exploit has a negative impact on the "spirit of the game" and is very damaging to the gaming community. It is in the hands of NG to decide how they handle this issue.

    I hope they do take this plea very seriously and make the necessary adjustments for all of their players, not just a few guilds.
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