NG, pls remove the 'low-lvl survivor' loophole



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    Ok, seems to be 2 camps and a third group in the middle, like me, whom don't really care either way :smile: If they're there and NG says it's part of the game, I'll use them; if not, i won't be worried.

    Going to leave this thread as I don't see they'll be much more fresh/different perspectives to read.

    Good hunting in the next challenge !
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    The easy solution is to make healing times and costs be based on the RSL required for a challenge and not the survivors level.That way if a lvl 20 fails on a RSl 14 map the incur the same healing time as a lvl 6 that fails on an RSL 14 map. The opposite would be true a lvl 20 failing on an RSL 30 challenge should incur the same healing time as a lvl 6 failing on an RSL 30 map. @Shut_Up @WeekOne @Japes87 @Shteevie @Teeceezy @Putchuco @wazzujoel @everyoneelse

    Bruised and Injured times would be reflected in this to...

    This would also help those f2p players who currently have less then adequate gear but higher level survivors who get stuck on lower then average RSL Challenges
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    @Japes87 this is going off topic a little bit but what if I told you some people knew exactly how our new hero Carl was going to work weeks before the launch and saved all their phones to have him unlocked the first day?

    How about adding Carl to the mix and having the 'second chance' trait kick in while using the LLS strategy with the wrestler armour trait. Would that be considered an advantage to the ones who didn't know this in advance?

    Just something to think about!
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    Just my 2 cents thoughts .... so many things have been nerfed; Interrupt, bruisers, deadlies etc and this has reduced a lot of fun from the game. Although I am not an expert of these traits or even LLS, I recalled the good times when I admired the techniques by top players teaching us how exactly to use skills like interrupt and bruisers to maximum effect. To me, this is a sheer mastery of the game and winning mentality with hours of hard work put in.

    Fast forward to present, the game is becoming more and more one dimensional, everyone is going to get around the same scores with so much nerfing; those who spent on bundles will definitely get slightly more but most folks are going to hit the block at around the same level. What's the fun in that? The "Wow! How the hell did he do that?" does me make think more on my strategies when I see people out scoring me by hundreds of stars.

    Perhaps some constructive ideas to make the game fun again would be better received, NG can simply choose the easy way out and remove all the LLS maps. Apologies for derailing the thread.
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    @stuffnthangs - I personally got my level 8,9,10 scouts from single radio calls. Although that was before 2.4 and im not sure if the algorithm for new survivors changed in 2.4. If I didn't have LLS then I wouldn't even bother trying to get them.
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    > @stuffnthangs said:
    > I also don't use this LLS strategy, even if I could somehow trash my radio tower down a few levels, where would I get the equipment for a level 7-9 survivor? Challenge missions start at lvl14 for me.

    You can get low level gear by replaying the season 7 missions. Cheers mate
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    Teeceezy said:

    This thread has been cleaned once - the next personal attack or derailing comment and this thread gets removed.

    Regarding the topic itself: We are aware of this and appreciate all the relevant, clean discussion and opinions in this thread. That's all we have to add for now.

    Can you please not close the thread, and just punish those that attack/derail.
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    Also, I have heard people say that NG don't like LLS being used and just saw above someone saying that @Teeceezy is fine with it.

    Do people have quotes that can show this, or can NG please let us know their actual stance on it.
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    These are my low level survivors! What do you think? They cost me lots of gold to heal. 25-75 gold bars per game. With 2500 gold at $19.99 it goes fast. My fighters and gear are pretty solid and only 1 pink star and Abe is only Epic. So if this LLS thing cost me nothing what should I do? Because I spend money on gold and gas every week because I can and because I love to compete with these top world players. It feels good to hang with them. So tell me, what do I do. Fill NG pockets with my money on gold, bundles, and gas because a few people have an issue with it? Or do I use a LLS by using my radio tent to pick up a level 9 fighter to help my game play. Because, as I said it in other posts. I can do RSL 30 both ways. So, How do you want it? Level 20 only, LLS, or Both?

    Let's just drop this LLS issue once and for all and play the game. Post your glory shots of your game play to display your pride and glory and keep it pushing. Let's have fun.
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