Wrestling trait overpowered



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    > @Amazayn said:
    > yesterday's topic was LLS.
    > today's topic is wrestler trait.
    > tomorrow's topic is Stu?!

    No, but it rhymes with Stu :smile:
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    I hate to quibble, but I'm pretty sure that Daniel is the Best!

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    In America it's Monkey in the middle. Common children's game.

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    Wow, there are some strong arguments, 'stop whining', 'why dont you go out and meet your friends if you have any', 'why dont you use it too'.
    Err, no, those are not arguments.

    Before someone gets their blood boiling too fast, pls go and reread my initial post.
    I'm saying this trait is simply overpowered, bc without it you cannot get anywhere near the high scores. If we were all doing the same thing, and mindlessly repeat round after round using the wrestling trait, the game would be completely silly.

    The argument 'why dont you let us use it': again, you are not reading my post or (deliberately?) not understanding my intentions of wanting to balance the game. I'm all for a strategically challenging game, not for an endlessly repeatable game by some.
    If the LLS and the wrestling is so cool, why dont you use it in scavenge or outpost missions? Exactly, because one wouldnt get any starz from it.

    Using the phrase 'well, why dont you use it yourself?' puts anyone using it in a very dark corner, because that exact argument has been used as THE 'argument' for every single exploit.

    So, again, I dont care if some players or entire guilds use it to reap endless starz from it.
    What I tried to get across is that I would want this game to be challenging and allowing for many tactically interesting options, not one rinse/repeat scheme.

    The nerfing of dodge/luck/interrupt shouldve been a lesson to all of us not to build out our teams and gear with one (or few) trait(s) in mind. We are setting ourselves up for disappointment again IMHO, because LLS and wrestling will be nerfed, there is simply no way around it.
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    What would Stu do? o:)
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    Level Cap the Wrestler Trait to +10 of the Survivor's Level. That way if someone wants to take L20 Survivors and max out against L30 Walkers using Wrestling Trait tactics - nobody is stopping you from doing it. Doing this also doesn't affect the 99% (me) who don't give a rat's ass about the Leaderboards. Because it's not the strategy that's the problem. It's the avoidance of time/gold (the risk factor) that makes it a seriously unbalanced aspect of the game.

    @Shteevie @Teeceezy

    Here you go...

    Gold wrestler
    (Survivor level / walker level ) x 60%

    Silver wrestler
    (Survivor level / walker level ) x 40%

    Bronze wrestler
    (Survivor level / walker level ) x 20%

    I love both of these suggestions, as they make the game more logical (plus it goes along the lines of my post

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    Oh, i forgot ridiculing as another argument, thx for reminding me LOL
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    @tdiddy wow 17000 gold just out of interest how many stars did you get
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    I'll say this again. I have no problem with LLS. The issue i take is that the LLS are essentially able to by-pass a game mechanic that is intended (healing time / healing cost). If healing time / cost was based on the RSL of the map and not the level of the survivor level (1, 6, 9, 20, 1000) people could then use whatever strategy they so desired and the game would function normally and as designed.

    In what plane of existence can you really believe that NG intended a low level survivor to be able to survive much less struggle away and kill a shambling horror.

    I agree with @Japes87 about figuring out how to use LLS effectively in the first place was a stroke of genius.

    Now another question for someone smarter then me and with carl unlocked (and legendary?). If you take carl along as leader and get into a struggle and struggle your way out what happens? How does carl change the struggle mechanics?

    The super long healing time is killing the game for me in general. Having to do these high RSL's multiple times and then waiting for my A team to heal over and over is just getting annoying.

    Challenge pre 2.4 i could decide to stop on a map once i reached my limit, now to be competitive it takes a much bigger investment in time.
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    Wow,this thread has blown my expectations!All I have ta say is"WHATCHA GONNA DO BROTHER" LOL
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    There were actually 4 maps on last challenge where lls were useful. The obvious 2 were the run to the exit levels but a lls was used in a video for hilltop the person run to one side with lls and wrestler trait killed the single lvl 28 fattie and then killed the rest with the 2 lvl 20 survivors. The other map was the freeman map a lvl 3 scout and 2 lvl 20 shooters, now they didn't win the map with the lvl 3 scout but they were obviously fleeing waiting to get the perfect setup and sacrificing the scout with no heal time. (In the video the freeman shooter started up top of the map it ran to cover than sat there for 2-3 spawns and never fired on the guys survivors even when they fired upon it and in range.
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    I believe many players here understand the original use of the wrestler trait but I will explain it for those might not know the history. There were deadly missions in which a survivor was hit by a walker and began to wrestle with them. Your other survivors had to opportunity to save that survivor with some sort of kill. This was crucial during those deadly missions because that wrestling trait gave additional turn(s) to save said survivor from the memorial (being killed from your lineup). With the removal of deadly missions, the wrestling trait became all but useless. Ng wasn't going to remove it and had to make it a desirable trait on armor, hence the buff of a percentage of killing a walker during a struggle. It appears, to some players, that the buff has backfired. I am not sure where I am going with this, but to argue about it's use is rather futile. Either NG will change it or not, and if they do again, it will probably become useless again.

    TL:DR Move on, nothing to see here.
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