Survivor classes?

Can someone please tell me survivor classes are unlocked after the initial 3, and in which order, and on which chapter and mission please?

I already have all 6 classes, but got them ages back and have forgotten the info. Have checked the forum, but can't find an answer. Am trying to help out a newbie, and good friend who recently joined my guild.

Thank you to all, for any positive feedback, and look forward to reading the replies.

Aaron. H.


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    Shooter, warrior and assault. I think in that order, but am not positive. I know assault is last and was around survivor level 10 or 12 for me. I don't recall which specific story missions, but it will always involve rescuing a survivor of the class to be unlocked, and am pretty sure it will tell say on the mission screen that completion unlocks the class.

    Maybe someone else can fill in the rest.
  • wrinkled_bagwrinkled_bag Member Posts: 713

    All the answers should be on OneLessTitan's site
  • timmyaaeh1timmyaaeh1 Member Posts: 51
    Thanks for the answers all.:) Got the info I need now.

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