Challenge advice! Help a brotha out!

Last week got 889 stars . This week struggling to hit 700. Need advice on a combo for roadrunner and the armored compound . Shit is kicking my ass bad . Im ready to throw my iPad thru the fucking window!


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    Never mind just read post below . Sorry dident mean to repeat
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    I used 2 assault with max 23 gold spread weapons and a warrior with a [max 22] interrupt and gold arc [weapon] to two star both on 23.2.

    For most of the AC boards, I stayed in the spawn point and let the walkers come to me. I moved only a few spots out to hit a few extra armored's if I could. I mainly used the warrior in overwatch to make use of the interrupt, making a semi blockade for other walkers. And just tried to chew up as many walkers as possible with the assault wide spread. Sometimes I was able to use the warrior to finish off mostly dead armored's. He was also useful at stopping the tank before it could get in and start stunning my guys.

    On Roadrunner, I tried to move north of the initial spawn point. I tried to have one assault get the three normal walkers killed off first turn to give me a charge point. I'd place the survivors right at the northern edge, with the warrior with interrupt to the right. This would bottleneck any of the walkers coming that way when he'd interrupt them. And again, just used the assaults to do as much damage as possible, using charge abilities every time they were charged up and hitting as many as possible.

    At lower RSL's, I was using a bruiser with Morgan's Staff for the area stun, but I found that the lack of damage was not being offset by the group stun. I found it was better to have the warrior interrupt and then be able to deal out more damage when necessary to make the final push.

    Also, I always went to the finish area north of the fence. The south part only has room for two survivors to fit and I wanted as straight of a shot to get my guys to the end as possible. I also tried to save an assault charge ability for the possibility of a final walker spawn wave, I could stun that group that appears in the northeast corner, run my guys to the end point, or close to it, and then finish up on my next round, assuming no walkers were slipping through the gate in the middle.
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    Plus on the higher lvls I used Abe in leader point but only works if ya got him cause his leader trait gives more damage & used 2 other maxed assaults since the assult week boost or hunter & assault
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