I think that adding a barter system would be awesome. With the abilities to trade/sell gear, weapons, xp, and supplies for other likewise materials amongst other players in game, It would bring another element to the game.


  • general2673general2673 Member Posts: 39
    That is probably highly considered idea amongst the games developers (just speculation as I cannot speak for their intentions).however if it were to happen it would probably be limited to your guild as anything beyond that would force them to make some sort of global communication in game which may be easy-but even if it is there is a reason they have not done it.i think the best suggestion is to allow trade of gear and weapons in guild of the same base gear level.example of not the same base level weapons would be a level 16 knife and a level 15 upgraded once to 16.this would allow trade of traits or different raritys of weapons-.example:player 1 gives player 2 a level 17 legendary hunter weapon.player 2 then gives player 1 a level 17 legendary warrior blade.doing trades.could be under cool down or require trade goods*as if by fate*.
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