Graphics Gone Missing

splaggsplagg Member Posts: 93
A couple days ago I was scrapping items and I noticed that the image for several random weapons displayed as a black box instead of the item's graphic. They were all going to the dumpster and XP was being calculated correctly so no biggie there. Then I loaded a challenge map only to find that the entire map background was black as well. I could see the health bars above my survivors and I could see where all the walkers were, but everything else was black (no actual survivors or walkers, no board, no "HUD" on the top or bottom...). I was still able to play thanks to challenges being the same map set up over and over, so I struggled through and completed the mission in darkness. I couldn't see my survivors icons on the left side, but I was able to tap in the right spot to activate their charge abilities (and the graphic that shows around the survivors' feet was visible when the charge was active). After the mission everything displayed as normal so I thought it might have been a 1-off but I loaded another map and it was blacked out the exact same way. After restarting my game there were no further issues.

My apologies for not taking any screenshots of this glitch.


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