Canned Tomatoes, aka Supplies

My primary account is just about filled up with canned tomatoes. There is nothing I can use them on. I think it would be nice if not actually cool to be able to convert them to sheriff badges (experience points), crates (trade goods), and/or gold. Maybe even send some to guild members who can use it.

So will this stuff just have sit there forever?


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    Don't know you, but i prefere to be maxed at supplies and get xp instead of supplies :)
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    @Wolfegar NG will periodically allow you to trade Supplies for XP, TGs, gear, and gas when there is no planned Council upgrade coming. They recently implemented the removal of Supply crates from all non-Supply missions and from the wall walker kills for maxed players (Level 58) which was helpful and appreciated.

    I know there's an update coming "soon" (LOL), but just keep an eye out for another Trade Good Store "event."

    PS: I hate looking at the orange tomato cans too. I try to look away but can't. B)
  • GebobsGebobs Member Posts: 428
    I have noticed a few things since I got to 17921500...again. The big orange loogies over the tents are gone. Tapping walkers at the fence only gets XP, gold, phones, and maters. I have not found any post-XP mission crates with maters in them...yet.
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    @Gebobs PL58 not getting tomatoes from RSL20 or above missions and tomatoes are removed from wall walkers. Missing "big orange loogies" is part of same improvement too(so it will not remind ppl about they are maxed tomatoes-wise). Unfortunately, this is not a real cure, it is just overshadowing consequencies.
  • GebobsGebobs Member Posts: 428
    It's not a cure but it alleviates some of the more annoying symptoms.

    But it's making my blood boil when I get three crates of tomatoes in the lower level challenge missions.

    But I heard there's a solution and it's coming "soon". ;-)
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    Just curious, how are people already maxed again?

    I am a maxed player who took full advantage of the last supply trade (got myself to under 1 million supplies). I have played and used video unlocks on each low level challenge mission, gotten supplies from the trials, tap my farms every couple of hours, even took Glenn as a leader in some raids because he's a Scout - basically, I've done everything that you can possibly do to get supplies since the last supply trade - and I'm not quite at 12 M supplies.

    At this rate, it'll probably still be another month or two before I max out, and by then, there should be another supply trade or (gasp) maybe even a Council update.

    Even if I were maxed out, with all of the recent fixes (like the wall walkers, RSL20+ missions, etc.), I wouldn't be too bothered with being maxed on supplies, given how slowly I'm accumulating them.
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  • nadecirnadecir Member Posts: 271
    There has to be more threads created about full supplies than any other subject on this message board. The answer to why there is not a permanent solution to trading supplies in the trade good store is this: somebody with authority at NextGames doesn't think it is in the company's best interest.

    There could be more creative ways for NextGames to handle full supplies on a permanent basis that might actually add to their bottom line. How about offering discounts on bundles if a player also uses supplies to trade in at the same time? For example, the armor up bundle could be $7.99 + 4 million supplies or $9.99 with no supplies. You'd have some people buy bundles just to get something valuable from their supplies.
  • GebobsGebobs Member Posts: 428
    I always get caught holding a bunch of maters by the time they inexplicably take the offers away, taken by surprise a bit. I would get down to like 6 million or so, didn't need what was up for trade, and held out to see what was up the next time around. And then...

  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    I am maxed, but i didnt get a chance to use all my Tow Maters. The last offers were crap, so i didnt get them.

    I still believe they should just have a permanent Supplies for XP option. For everyone, all the time.
    Then they wouldn't have had to worry about all the conditions about when you do or dont get supplies.

    What happens if they drop a new council level next week (lets say 6m), and they also had a new Hospital (5m) & Car (5m). So that would be 16m.
    @SCBMA is behind the 8 ball by 4m because he is limited with collecting supplies. Where if we could trade them when we wanted to, we could always make sure we were near our limit for when an update comes out.

  • biffleybiffley Member Posts: 44
    > @vshield50 said:
    > So I guess the beatings will continue until morale improves? Is that their mission statement now? Ugh....

    I think their motto is -- the only customer we care about is the one that just started playing.

    In one of the other threads on this topic, someone suggested that the frequent requests for a more permanent solution was hurting the mods feelings

    At least I got a good laugh this morning.
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