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  • ElonwynElonwyn Member Posts: 4
    Took me about six times to get through 2nd with Rick and Michonne, with overwatch and a lot of luck. Barely made it to exit. It can be done, but I agree it's ridiculously hard.
  • shonailoshonailo Member Posts: 4
    When's the last time you ran a mission and couldn't kill a walker in 1-hit? Really... I mean, Michonne is worse than all my Survivors and I'm not even that high level or geared.
  • misfit44misfit44 Member Posts: 484
    I think i would have still finished without the rick crit , michonne would have been near dead but not quite...but i get what you are saying , who knows they might nerf it.
  • shonailoshonailo Member Posts: 4
    I don't think the mission needs a Nerf, I just think Rick and Michonne need to be buffed, heh. I think the mission, with my own characters is doable. I use basically the same strategy as you did. The difference is, my Survivors can kill walkers. Michonne cannot, and Rick needs too many crits to drop an Enemy Survivor.
  • misfit44misfit44 Member Posts: 484
    @shonailo i think they just need to put level 10 items on rick and michonne and it would be fine.
  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
    Did a 2nd time for your viewing pleasure or not... ;)
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,065
    Luck will make it easier,
    it isn't needed though.

    For me it was all about making lots of noise on killing the first bruiser.
    The walkers took care of the rest...
  • C5drvrC5drvr Member Posts: 3
    I started with Rick moving straight down to right beneath Michonne. Bruiser comes in and goes after Rick. Kill him with M. Then proceed as far down and to the right while maintaining overwatch keeping both side by side. Using Michonne for first kill minimizes first spawn. Kill Walker that spawns from bottom then one from top with M followed by shot from R. Attack second bruiser just as second spawn forms. I had about five on his dead body. Opened the truck with M and used R to assist a walker in taking down scout. Circle horde of feeding walkers clockwise. This allows walkers to move up. Run like a scared little dog along the bottom of the screen to the exit.
  • jekuljekul Member Posts: 5
    Forget Luck and change your strategy.
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,406
    Once you get into the missions where you can take your survivors, I had the best results with Abe (epic) and Daryl (legendary).

    I blasted away with both on the first Bruiser Freeman and had Abe get injured. That was expected.

    I moved my two to the lower-left side of the map just before the Walker spawn. When they came out, I blasted them and got charged up.

    Then, I fired on the second Freeman near the truck with Daryl. He doesn't move when you shoot him. So, I kept firing with Daryl at long range. I took him out before the next Walker spawn. I could have maybe waited for the walkers so they could have lunch, but the next wave would have been Level 24. Yuck.

    I moved my team to he truck and made sure both were ready. I used Daryl to open the door and the last Freeman appeared. I stunned them with Abe. While they were stunned, I moved Abe back out of line of sight. That prevents the Freeman from attacking.

    The next wave of walkers spawned, but Daryl was done with the truck door. I moved Abe back into the line of sight of the Freeman and then used Daryl to deliver the death shot. All the walkers moved in for lunch and Abe and Daryl strolled to the exit.

    Abe took the damage from the first Freeman, but Daryl came out without a scratch.

    It's doable.
  • JSS12JSS12 Member Posts: 7
    I used Negan to stun the freemen, had Rick overwatch, and let the zombies occupy the freemen. Fire with Fire. I didn't have much trouble.
  • MonoochromMonoochrom Member Posts: 2
    Hey Everyone,

    Ok, so I don't have any screenshots or a video. But I just managed to do Hard and I don't recall any crits and certainly no dodges, so I'm going to give you a rough run down of what I did.

    1. I moved my characters to the bottom of the spawn, this prompted the first bruiser to attack Michonne after he took Overwatch damage that roughly removed his first health bar. I proceeded to kill him with Rick in 2 turns.

    2. I moved both characters to the 2 upper left spots, this blocked the spawn and had all the Walkers spawn at the bottom. I had enough distance to kill a walker and to bandage Michonne. The other Bruiser attacked and killed a Walker, this however drew the attention of the other 2 Walkers to him. He stunned one, but attacked the other, I kept Michonne in Overwatch, moved neither character but I attacked the Bruiser with Rick. After doing that for 2 turns the Bruiser dropped and I finished the Walkers off.

    3. I moved back to the Spawn to take care of the next wave, at this point I had a Free Shot with Rick and got a multikill with Michonne giving her bonus attack. I used Free Shot and managed to regain it while I killed off the Wave, this left me with the necessary 2 turns to open the car door (I hadd positioned myself close enough with both survivors at this point).

    4. I moved Michonne to the right of the car door akd had Rick open it. The next Wave arrived. I killed Walker at the bottom of the screen using Bonus attack while the Scout attacked a Walker and drew the attention of the other Walkers. I never bothered attacking the Scout and moved along the bottom of the screen back towards the spawn. I even screwed up at this point and got too close to the Fat Walker and got stunned...making me very happy that I still had Free Shot to kill it before it gave Michonne the rest, meanwhile the Scout dies to the other Zombies.

    5. Just as the last Wave hits I am nearly at the spawn with Rick (kept moving forward while killing the fat Walker) and am roughly in the middle of the level at the bottom of the screen with Michonne, she can barely make it to the Spawn. So basically I had both characters run to the Goal. The Walkers that had spawned at the Top of the screen were either out of range or went for the Scouts corpse and Michonne had blocked a Spawn at the bottom of the screen which let her avoid hits while making that run for it. Michonne was 1 hit f4om Death and Rick was 1 hit away from being in the red.

    It will probably still require a bit of trial and error, but this should help. I still think the Mission is screwed, it requires waaaaaay too much meta-gameplay or luck to beat.
  • jekuljekul Member Posts: 5
    Ok, so I don't have any screenshots or a video. But here's what I did:

    1. I moved both characters to the 2 upper left spots, this prompted the first bruiser to attack Michonne after he took Overwatch damage that roughly removed his first health bar. I proceeded to kill him with Rick in 2 turns. The spawn was blocked and all the Walkers spawned at the bottom. I killed a walker and the other Bruiser killed a Walker, this however drew the attention of the other 2 Walkers to him. He stunned one, but attacked the other. I attacked with Michonne and Rick one turn and used Rick's Free Attack to drop the Bruiser, then moved both characters to the car door and used overwatch and another round of attacks to finish the Walkers off.

    2. I kept Rick in Overwatch as Michonne opened the car door, spawning walkers fight the Savior Scout. After the door is open I remain in overwatch so more Walkers fight with the scout. I quick walk to the bottom of the screen with both characters. Leaving Michonne in Overwatch, I dropped the Scout with Rick. While the Walkers eat the Scout, I run to the exit.
  • wrinkled_bagwrinkled_bag Member Posts: 713
    To all the players having problems. Keep trying as you have all week. Only cost 1 gas and no hospital or wait times. It is possible to complete. Have fun.
  • myrtillemyrtille Member Posts: 1
    Impossible to do it with a strategy. Only luck
  • SpringChickenSpringChicken Member Posts: 145
    Second mission with underpowered
    Richonne was the most challenging.
  • PsychmanPsychman Member Posts: 29
    Level completed. Not luck. Just skill.
  • ChrangChrang Member Posts: 288
    There is a basic "strategy" that worked for me on the second Rick and Michonne level and every level I could choose my survivors. I used a bruiser and an assault for all 5 levels... based off of the strategy I used in the second Rick and Michonne forced use.

    First off, Go ahead and attack the first bruiser with Michonne (and later I used a bruiser with much greater success, stunning bruiser, good). Reason being, Overwatch does less damage and you need to finish off the first bruiser ASAP, and don't worry about Michonne getting stunned or injured, just finish the bruiser off with Rick (I later used an assault). After that bruiser is dead, Move Rick and Michonne to the top left and wait for the walkers to spawn, If you need to, you can block one, or both, walker spawns (I let one spawn to get a charge for Rick). The second bruiser won't move unless you attack him or until the first walker spawn.

    Once the walkers spawn and you've either blocked, killed or cleared the two that should have appeared on the top left, the three or four that spawn on the bottom will move up... at this point the other bruiser will move... don't engage him until he either attacks or gets attacked by a walker. Once he is engaged, he is locked with that walker and you should be able to get a kill or two on the other walkers. The objective here is to make sure the bruiser gets engaged with at least one walker, preferably two. Once the field appears to be "cleared" move Rick to the top right corner on the right of the door and Michonne in position to open the door. Reason being, you don't want to engage the scout that will appear once the door is opened. When the walker countdown gets to "1" open the door with Michonne... This will force the scout to engage walkers, much like the second bruiser from earlier. You may also be able to take a shot at the scout with Rick to kill him and make some of the close walkers "feed"...

    If you were able to get to this point, all you have to do is make a run to the exit... you don't need to kill everything on the map. Almost all of my runs went along the bottom of the map, except once when the Heavy moved down, but by that point the other walkers were feeding on the scout, so I just walked by on my way to the exit.
  • yoyosyoyos Member Posts: 73
    7/7 finished, easy with some traits but need some luck so the walkers and freemens meet somewhere in the map on hard mode. After, you don't care
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  • misfit44misfit44 Member Posts: 484
    I dont think the 5/5 missions require any luck at all , you only need a little luck on the 2nd preliminary.
  • fire_waterfire_water Member Posts: 257
    no "happy ending" 53xcation at the carnival for these 2 ... like in the latest tv episode,huh :D

  • splaggsplagg Member Posts: 93
    I followed the strategy from the most recent video in this post and it worked swimmingly.

    First Bruiser
    -Michonne up and to the right, maintain overwatch. Rick to the right, just behind M, shoot the bruiser.
    -B1 will move to attack M, she'll get an overwatch swing before getting stunned.
    -R, stationary, shoot B1.
    -B1 will attack M again, she'll have a sliver of green left at this point.
    -Move R to M's right side, shoot B1 (should be directly below R).
    -That will cause B1 to attack R instead of triggering struggle with M.
    -M can finish off B1.
    (this is worst case scenario - if you get a crit attack or a dodge, it will be easier and move on to next phase)

    First Spawn, Second Bruiser
    -If you didn't get lucky and finish the first bruiser off early due to dodge or crit, 2 walkers should spawn 2 spaces above you and a few more at the bottom of the screen. I used M to kill the 2 above with one attack which charged her special. Stand by with R.
    -Walkers will move up, 2nd bruiser will move to attack one of them, 2 will go towards R/M.
    -Leave B2 engaged with his walker, get R charged up and move to the right just a tad.
    -B2 will finish off his walker (this should clear the board of walker adds).
    -Move right as far as 1 action point will allow. Use R's free attack to hit B2 shield, then M's free attack to finish it off, then R's normal attack to hurt B2, then M's normal attack to finish B2 off.

    The Door (2 Turns), 2nd Spawn, Freemen Scout
    -Move R to the space directly to the right of the spot where M will open the door. If you have to waste a turn to get into position that should be okay (might get a walker spawn, no prob).
    -Open door with M, pick off closest walker spawn with R (as long as he doesn't have to move). The freemen scout will spawn but you won't see him because he's on the other side of the truck.
    -Scout will move left to attack walker spawn and/or beefcake walker. As long as you don't screw with him, he's essentially out of the picture at this point.
    -Pick off next closest walker with R (should complete special charge). M will finish opening door.

    -Move down and to the left as far as 1 action point will allow, finish off nearby walkers that have agro on R/M.
    -At this point the Scout should either be stunned by beefcake or struggling. Ignore them or kill off Scout if you want to feed the remaining walkers.
    -Move to exit without risk to livelihood, bask in your glory before the reward chest screen appears.
    -Choose rewards, resist urge to scream that they're garbage for as much effort as you just put in to this mission.

    The trials are a piece of cake compared to the nonsense you just completed. And if you're having any trouble with them, remember what @Necroboogie taught you.
  • TravisTravis Member Posts: 96
    Michonne and Rick, hard.

    Ok, so here's what I've got, if I remember correctly. Don't use overwatch with michonne against the bruiser (you won't do enough damage) michonne is getting stunned no matter what here so just go with it and attack the first bruiser. Kill the bruiser with Rick while he's focused on michonne (it'll take a few turns) then wait for the first wave of walkers. Always use walkers when you can. Let the walkers engage with the second bruiser. Once they are in a struggle you can attack. Now the walkers will feast on them for 3 turns (2 when it's a heavy I believe) now go for the car with michonne. The third freeman, a scout, will show up. Don't engage, there should be a third wave of walkers now or the feasting walkers if you haven't killed them, let the walkers take care of the scout, and you should be able to sneak out at the bottom of the map. You will have to kill a few walkers in between steps here but it should be minimal. Hope this helps, and good luck.
  • snafusnafu Member Posts: 227
    I'm not sure if I understand Rick's leadership trait correctly, but I kept Rick and Michonne close together and moved them next to walkers before attacking them. Damage is so low it's hard to tell if bonus was applied.
  • Bluephoenix86Bluephoenix86 Member Posts: 26
    On the ones you can't use your own survivors I just held back a little and let overwatch happen a couple times and got lucky I guess. On the trials I'm stuck doing the last one. The first 4 I did the same way, I used Negan and Tara, the first bruiser if hit with Negan first will be stunned and then shoot with Tara, do it until he's dead. The second guy stays on overwatch unless you attack him up close, just keep shooting him and let Negan be on overwatch. Kill off the spawns once the bruiser is dead using Tara's double attack and Negan's charge ability. Go open the car up, once it's open stun the knife guy with Negan and shoot the big walker with Tara and use her second attack. Stun the knife guy again and shoot the big guy if he's not done for yet, then prepare to run for the exit. This worked up until the last one, now I'm stuck.
  • fredymr77fredymr77 Member Posts: 2
    Las siguientes misiones hasta llegar a la 5 lo pase con un matón y unidad de asalto, utilice a los zombies de armas para que atacarán a los enemigos, utilizando medio turno para que golpe y dispare
  • anniesprinklesanniesprinkles Member Posts: 268
    > @HAlr50 said:
    > I was finally able to pass the hard stage with no injuries. My main tip would be to wait for the tank/big walker group to spawn before killing the scout/knife raider. Once you kill the scout raider, the walkers will be distracted with his corpse allowing you to walk right by. Saved me from having to try and kill the walkers or deal with the tank walker.

    Thanks for the advice, it worked for me. I used Dwight & a shooter (both lvl 15) and FINALLY THAT'S ALL DONE!!! I wasn't as lucky as you though, both survivors heavily injured. As Job says, "I have escaped by the skin of my teeth."
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