12 things I will ALWAYS remember Next Games taught me.

Applying NML logic to real life

1) Doctors are amazing. And no matter the number of bullet holes in your body -- if you pay them a bit of money they can stitch you up in no time. Literally.

2) If you arrive at a house and can't seem to open the door, check the garden for a flag pole. If you lower the flag, the door can open.

3) When you go to the movies, the staff hands you a gift when you leave. It could be a leather jacket (but don't get too excited, it will usually be of inferior quality and two sizes too small).

4) The excessively obese are more healthy than people with normal BMI.

5) Some hunters use rifles that shoot bullets with 2-yard-wide diameters.

6) The main building material for houses, tents and other structures is the tomato.

7) Soldiers who carry grenades usually have them attached to their helmet or another part of the head.

8) Gasoline is produced by cars. The better the car, the more gasoline it can hold.

9) If you get the unfortunate choice between being stabbed with a screwdriver or taking a full salvo from an AK-47, choose the latter which will damage you a lot less.

11) If your cell phone doesn't have enough signal or if you only seem to be able to call your least favorite contacts, try to tape another 14 phones on to its side. It will boost the signal and allow you to call people who're a lot cooler.

12) When you reach pension age and retire from your job, your co-workers will get about 25% of your skills that they can distribute between them.
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