Throwback Weapons

How about an Event or Update, that let's us buy and receive Weapons that we no longer receive after Missions or in TGS. The Weapons being the same level as the highest character, at least at Epic level and occasionally Legendary, but no Uncommon and Common levels, Rare will take their place.
Lvl. 18 Butcher Clever (Epic)
Lvl. 20 FRN-78 (Legendary)
Lvl. 19 Lioness (Legendary)
Lvl. 17 Kitchen Knife (Rare)
Lvl. 18 Police Baton (Epic)
Lvl. 20 Switchblade (Legendary)
Lvl. 19 .357 (Epic)
Lvl. 20 Old .338 (Legendary)
Lvl. 19 Crowbar (Epic)
And so on...
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