lovely stretchy leggy zombies - Terminus challenge

I love this mission so much --- the one on top right corner out of the 6

when I killed the zombies near that gate up top (picture below : male zombie in blue pants & female zombie in red skirt) , they all died in funny ways, jumping out of screen, bouncing around or their legs were stretched so long like this

photo IMG_9936_zpsc6p4u7lp.png

photo IMG_9935_zpskt2wpsiw.png


  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    If you're killing time, turn off fast mode and watch the critical hit close ups for added fun
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    While the stretchy/flying walkers are pretty funny, this is the hardest mission in this challenge by far. I expect it will end the challenge for 95% of the players this week, with Laundry a distant 2nd choice. Just too many walkers coming at you from every direction once you get to level 25 and can't reliably 1-shot the herd. The fact that the spawn coming from the top is +1 to all the others makes it even more difficult. Good luck to us all.
  • MLHMLH Member Posts: 82
    These are my favourite. They look like Macy's Thanksgiving day balloons.
  • SynapseRangerSynapseRanger Member Posts: 233
    I love this map. I call it the Walker Space Program.
    Good luck, dumbass
  • AkartikiAkartiki Member Posts: 143
    I found this and Laundry equally challenging. Totally depends on where randoms spawn at the beginning.

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