They needed guns...

Oh, look, there just happens to be a place with a bunch of guns that they happened to stumble upon. Meh. I don't know what I expect the writers to do, but it was just too easy and convenient. You can't just hand your characters what they need right when they need it. I guess they really want this war to happen.


  • No one has nothing to say about this? :(
  • They're going next episode. Watch the preview from this week.
  • Ha ha, at last. Yeah I agree. The storyline for the guns was a bit sloppy, and it could have been better. But at least they did have a short knife edge when Rick disappeared lol
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  • Yep. It was a bit of an odd episiode. Considering it was set up a long time ago with Tara, and it was obvious they would be going back there.
    They obviously just wanted a Richonne centric episode.
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