Where did THE WOLVES go?!

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The last and only time i remember seeing this gang was sometime back in season 6 midway! No news about them yet!! Where did they go? What happened to them?! Did they get their skulls bashed in or did they catch a plane to Hawaii?!

Or did Scott and team completely forget about 'em?


  • Yeah...they just kinda went away. Weird.
  • Only a select few escaped Alexandria after Morgan let them go. Rick killed (if I remember correctly) 1 inside the RV and 3 outside with the AK he unloaded from inside the RV, and that was right before the herd hit the RV. How many escaped in total?
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  • I thought they all got killed in Alexandria except the few that escaped. The ones that escaped got killed by Rick like @xxarea83xx said. I think there were 4 or 5 of them.
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    Not all of 'em died IMO. Only Mr. Gimple can answer us!
  • Maybe they will regroup and show up again. But I doubt it. They have come and gone.
    They won't have the same impact as the saviors, so the show will move on to one of the other threats from the comics
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    Season 8 = A good time to bring back the Wolves?
  • ...Maybe they are avoiding Negan :D
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