Time for more tents

I was lucky enough to recently unlock Rick! But in doing so I've realized I have a lot of survivors and quite a few Heroes now. And only two tents which I believe sleep four people each so I have 8 places for people to sleep and some 30 plus survivors. Which is pretty crappy there's plenty of room in the camp to add at least five more structures of some kind so I'm thinking for every 10 survivors you should have the option to get another tent. It's a lot of gear to upgrade and keep upgrading little more XP would be awesome....... PS does anyone else ever just shake up their camp like an ant farm because you're tired of your survivors walk in the same path over and over leaving Wagon Trails? So please add some more tents or maybe even the option to spend seven million supplies to purchase one.


  • MLHMLH Member Posts: 82
    Some people are probably sleeping in the RV & hospital tents.
  • Tapatio75Tapatio75 Member Posts: 636
    They made a deal with Harry Potter's tent supplier

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