And the winner of the help-me-pick-a-forum-avatar "contest" is...

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Thanks to all who participated in helping me select my next forum avatar: @SCBMA @TheLostOnes @Teeceezy @jester @Jenng @SPC_TORRES @wrinkled_bag @zbot @Artisans @capibara @Movado @Pig @Walkerballz @splagg @1Ris @[anyone-else-I-missed]

Before actually revealing the winner, I wanted to share a few quick words.

First, your contributions gave me many LOLs over the past week. However, more significantly, they made me feel important because I was the center of attention. +1 to self esteem!

Second, I thought about many potential alternatives to the avatars you guys actually posted. I strongly considered making it this:

and not selecting a winner. But I decided that would be too mean, given the thoughtfulness that (some of? all of?) you guys put into this.

Another strong alternative was this photo mosaic, created from all of your submissions:

I will probably save that for a rainy day.

However, in the near future, I will rock the following avatar:

Just kidding... I have some more words to say before I reveal the big surprise.

Before revealing the winner, it's important for everyone to understand how I picked the winner. I evaluated each avatar based on the following dimensions:
1. How well it represented my posting style/personality
2. How well it translated into a small thumbnail on the message boards and a larger image when someone clicked on my profile
3. How hard I laughed at the avatar

There were several strong contenders that met most of these criteria. Honorable mentions include @zbot @splagg and @SCBMA

Runner up honors go to @1Ris with this gem:

However, at the end of the day, one avatar stood above the rest. Without further ado, the winner is @splagg with this entry:

I'll change my avatar in two days (aka my 1 year NML anniversary). DM me if you won or were the runner-up so we can decide what forum responses you want!



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