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Its just stupid that now when lvl 21 gear comes i have to scrap all of it and then search for new weapons with all the good traits and then spend 4 million XP.
Maybe NG should at least put that if you want you're current lvl 20 gear to become 21 the opportunity to upgrade them via XP, better that then finding new weapons . Its just stupid to scrap all your weapons every 5 months when the new level comes.
Its just demoralizes me and i believe other player's and makes me want to quit playing te game NG should realize that it isn't easy to find good equipment and then spend like 4 million XP to upgrade it.

NG should rather continue story of the game adding new interesting things like cleaning the buildings on our camp wall adding new class, new walkers so many cool ideas and we get a lvl 21 survivors/gear.. lvl 20 was the perfect endgame round number i cant even think about how much XP ill need to gather for lvl 21.


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    We need a spring cleaning with the 3times to trade in event OR opportunity to upgrade paid for weapons to 24 with XP! That would be so awesome of nextgames
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    My views
    1 - Paid weapons should have the ability to be upgraded. Maybe a small monetary donation
    2 - You base 20 weapons are not useless (this has been discussed a little in the main thread). They do a couple of hundred less damage, but they traits are sometimes more important. There will be a lot of people that might be running with either epic or base level 19 at the moment because they are better.
    3 - This has always happened. There has always been a point where the game is maxed and the next level comes out. The main difference with this one is that I believe it took longer to happen than the last one.
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    I myself (so did alot of other people apparently) thought or at least hoped that lvl 20 was the end game and ng would just add more content, this would at least let the new people catch up with the rest of us so they can score similar stars to us without us veterans getting nerfed and told how to play.
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    Also, isn't the journey half the fun? It would be boring if you were all maxed out forever, with the same weapons, same survivors at the same level over and over again. It would get repetitive. This gives you something to strive for, a reason to log in and play
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    It does the opposit for me it might be because i only just got to lvl 20 survivors recently and only player lvl 53 also they are forcing me to play the game how they want and max out my camp and upgrade things I don't care about to get to lvl 21 in the first place
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    I'm 100% with Whisperer on this one. Even taking into account the argument that some weapons/armors are worth keeping because of better traits, if I have to replace just 30% of my items, I'll need 60 million HP to get them to level 23 (i.e. back to where I am now) and another 40 million to get them to level 24. If I have to replace 75% of them, then we're talking 150 million and 100 million HP. That's an insane amount of playing.

    And that's not to mention people who have spent real money buying items, like special weapons or armors. This is really not cool, and deeply aggravating.

    Supercell are by far the best at making money-making games, and yet they hardly ever do anything that demoralizes players or makes them feel cheated. What they do instead is add real content. One example of a nice upgrade by NG in TWD was the upgrade to the weekly challenge, which was really nice.

    If it stays like this, I'm definitely dropping out, because it'll feel like I need to do more of the same for 3-4 months just to get back to where I am now
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