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  • sborgsborg Member Posts: 581
    I've run 10 outpost missions in a row wo/ a single problem. I can't speak to stun-resistance because I don't use assaults on raids.

    I did notice a lot of new names on the matches, fwiw.
  • sborgsborg Member Posts: 581
    I just drew the same outpost 4 times in a row.
  • old_tontoold_tonto Member Posts: 2
    sborg said:

    I just drew the same outpost 4 times in a row.

    Same happens to me! Game crashes out as soon as I select an opponent, reboots back into the raid mission but obviously time has been lost during the reboot. Anyone else suffering from this?
  • David_H79David_H79 Member Posts: 1,866
    My opinion about 2.5:

    - New challenge Maps: I love the new map and hope to see the other new next week. Very welcome addition to the game.
    - Challenge on boarding: I am Player Level 59, so nothing to say here.
    - Challenge Balancing: I like the reduction of the rounds to play. You still have to play the same maps over and over again. So a slight reduction is very welcome. The adjustment of the rewards seems to be only in the very high star count. So I don't noticed a change here, but ask people of guilds like DTP. Also a welcome change.
    - New heroes: Some heroes are very useful, but I don't have a need of more and more heroes. Some adjustments here were welcome in future updates.
    - New weapons: I wait for it to make a decision. But sounds good at the moment.
    - Council Level and other buildings: I don't have a problem here like other players. In the beginning of NML you always have to build your camp up and search for new equipment. Therefore I only find a few great Equis base Level 20, some of my best are still base Level 19. So not a big difference to look for base level 21 gear. Also I welcome the change, cause once you have everything you need, there is nothing more to do for you. And tomatoes have back their sense.
    - Survivor class balance: I also wait here till the issues of the update are fixed and I can try the melees.
    - Healing times: I was really enthusiastic about these changes. But now I have to realize that the time for heavy injury in higher levels is reduced from 2:15 to 2:00. Not a big thing, I hoped for more like in outpost. 1:30 for a heavy injury is more than enough. So that seems to me only like a nerf of LLS. Maybe NG can make more adjustments, that you don't have to wait for healing times the whole weekend.
    - Enemy Levels: Also have to wait till freeman have their intended strength.

    Ps.: Hope NG can fix the update issues as fast as possible. Respect to the NG crew to work so hard and long to solve the issues caused by 2.5. :)
  • JackBauerJackBauer Member Posts: 1,550

    Warrior charge attack still give less damage compared to a normal hit, e.g. the one that follows 2nd.
    And no, I made sure that I don't mix it up with critical hits.

    Is this intended ?

    Remember to use your charge abilities
  • carlos1981carlos1981 Member Posts: 346
    Wanted to wait a few days post update to comment.....

    Very similar view to David_H79's view actually... Although I'm not a maxed player.

    Healing time reduction I've noticed, but I'm still not yet at the higher levels, Just broken into RSL+1 now

    Noticed a few more bodyshots from my hunters on lvl16\17 walkers - Yet they have base lvl16 kit, maxed out, mostly with piercing trait. Not causing an issue as yet, but not sure if an issue, or not, need to track this properly

    Would like to know more about new weapons. I guess we'll see

    Challenge-wise -

    As I'm not a maxed player - I've assumed from experience that 90% of challenge\Deluxe crates are XP\Supplies - be good to know if this is luck or RNG?

    I did get 2 kit drops this time round, Not gonna complain it's not what i needed, as i know that's just Luck of the drawer (Epic lvl17 pistol - i have a few good maxed\same ones already, and Bruiser kit)

    Liking i have 1 less round to play, although will see how that affects stars.

    Got my first 9 gold crate this morning:

    Epic lvl17 Assault Armour, green base lvl18 kit, and green lvl16 kit?!

  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,579
    Great to hear @THCRoss! :)
  • David_H79David_H79 Member Posts: 1,866
    @Teeceezy @zbot my comment disappeared :(
    Maybe through spam filter :D
  • drinkydrinky Member Posts: 414
    @Teeceezy thanks for fixing the body shot amount for mele. can confirm my same survivor body shot gone from 900 to 1800 which is inline with expetceced numbers following the changes etc. so many thanks for that.

    can i ask though has there been any changes to body shot logic % chance of having one ? as general feeling is am seeming to get more body shots now than before, certainly i dont think a level 20 scout was really ever bodyshotitng level 23 walkers in previous version ?

    and whilst im not that advanced on challenge yet am hearing reorts eems a lot more bodyshots generally flying about ?
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  • THCrossTHCross Member Posts: 494
    Just to throw it out there
    Wasn't mission gas cost for starting challenge rounds supposed to be 3 instead of 4
    Or am I imagining things
    Been so long I feel like I'm just discovering the game :p
  • SPCSPC Member Posts: 34
    Yesterday it cost 1.7 mil xp's to upgrade survivors to lev21, today it is showing 1.97 mil xp's to upgrade?
  • crambert_neccrambert_nec Member Posts: 1,376
    @THCross I believe it's 3 gas if you are at a lower player level and start below RSL 15
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  • THCrossTHCross Member Posts: 494
    17 is my highest hero
  • crambert_neccrambert_nec Member Posts: 1,376
    @THCross I don't know for sure. I start at RSL 15 (4 gas) but I think it's even lower than where you're at
    Leader of WATCH TOWER RoD
  • RocketmanRocketman Member Posts: 227
    Depends on your definition of soon. I know my boss for example runs on a different timezone than everybody else around here, and if he tells you "soon" that could mean anything
  • RocketmanRocketman Member Posts: 227
    I think I may be in the same boat but for the 920 token crate. We'll see by tomorrow lol. I'm not overly worried about it tho tbh.
  • javajnkiejavajnkie Member Posts: 558
    edited March 2017
    I really thought we'd catch a glimpse of Stu in the update---a name in a note or sign, a personalized license plate on that station wagon...just a glimpse so we'd know he had been around.
    Kinda bummed he didn't show up somewhere.

    Hang in there Stu, we're still coming for you!
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  • RocketmanRocketman Member Posts: 227
    I guess I was mistaken, still going to hit 920 without issues. This challenge seemed though too when it started.
  • gcheong85gcheong85 Member Posts: 149
    I am having issue with rollback. I keep going back to the same point even after i made progress of using the gas. Please fix it
  • gcheong85gcheong85 Member Posts: 149
    @zbot i donot face any connectivity issue before 2.5 update. Only recently it has happened very frequently. This new update brings nothing but bad effect for everything n every1
  • ThaediusThaedius Member Posts: 3
    My account was restored this morning. I'm back playing, and all is well.
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,917
  • Maverick1969Maverick1969 Member Posts: 107
    Just to be sure. You are a real person?
    But maybe i m not getting your sarcasme. @ Week One.
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